Feijóo says that if he governs he will repeal the Democratic Memory Law, the Education Law and the 'trans law'

Feijóo says that if he governs he will repeal the Democratic Memory Law, the Education Law and the 'trans law'

The leader of the PP, Alberto Núñez Feijóo, has announced that he will repeal laws such as that of Democratic Memory if he governs. He too, as he has stated in an interview for Europa Press, he will make changes in others, such as the Education Law or the 'trans law'.

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“Educational policies have to be changed. We have to change the democratic memory policies. In the 'trans law' neither feminists nor the groups to which they are intended agree; it is an exclusively ideological approach of a minority part of the Government that is imposed on Spanish society”, she says.

On the Education Law, Núñez Feijóo criticizes the Government's predisposition for “equalizing from below”. This is, according to him, because it allows students to pass the course "regardless of the number of failures", despite the fact that it is a decision that is made by majority in the faculty.

The popular leader has attacked the Democratic Memory Law, approved in Congress last July. He accuses Pedro Sánchez of "losing his dignity" for agreeing with Bildu. “Memory and democracy is incompatible with Bildu. 960 murders, 10,000 injured, more than 300 unsolved murders,” he comments.

Feijóo has avoided giving more details about the laws that he wishes to modify, but he assures that "all of them will appear" in the PP's electoral program. “Let's do pedagogy. This is not a matter of changing for the sake of change. This is a matter of going back to basic consensus again”, he says.

“Regain the great majorities”

“My objective is to recover the great majorities of Aznar and Rajoy”, he specified when asked about the possibility of governing with Vox. “There are plenty of oppositions in Spain, there is only one alternative. And we want the Spanish to see us as the only alternative”, he affirms.

However, the head of the right-wing party has shown his dissatisfaction with the coalition government: "It is divided in national and interior policy, in immigration policy, in foreign policy, in economic policy, in management policy and even in the minimum income vital. On NATO Policy and Defense Spending. I insist, I am not making a criticism, I assure you, I am making a chronicle of my country”.

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