Zozulya denies it is Nazi

«Everything that is said about me is not true. I'm just a footballer and a patriot of my country, ”says the Albacete player

Four days after the suspension of Rayo Vallecano-Albacete by the cries of «Nazi Puto» to the Ukrainian striker of Albacete, Zozulya appeared before the media in the Castilian-La Mancha city. The first thing he did is deny that he is a Nazi. The soccer player accepted all kinds of questions and, although he speaks and understands perfectly the Castilian he preferred to express himself in the language of his country. «Everything that is being said about me is not true. I am only a footballer and a patriot of my country. I support my country. I am apolitical and contrary to all ideologies ».

"I want to ask a question, I have received the support of the president of my country. Would any president support a Nazi?" Zozuly thanked the support he has found in his country and also in Spain: «Thank you to all the people of Ukraine for the support and to the people who are fighting for peace in the world. Thanks to the president of Ukraine for his support. And I would like to thank Spain in general for the support received. For me Spain is my second home, I've been here for three years and I love Spain ».

In Albacete he has felt supported since the chants began in Sunday against Vallecas. «Never in my life have I seen such a welcoming team towards me. Many thanks also to Albacete for his support. I will always be with you and in all my life I will not be able to thank you for what you are doing for me. My biggest thanks go to the team, they are here to support me. I don't know how to thank you, ”he said. Zozulya plans to take some action in the form of a complaint: «I'm going to meet with the team management and I'm sure we'll do something. I'm tired of hearing this kind of insults. And he reminded his family: “They support me and know that it is not true. My daughter asks me and I don't know what to answer ».

For Zozulya it all started at the time he signed the contract with the Lightning: "As I defended the Ukrainian army and they were on the other side they were not willing to change their mind." And he confessed that he had no intention of attending the Vallecas party, but ... «My teammates told me they wanted me to be there. It is my family and also my wife who told me to go. I am a professional and there I was, ”he said.


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