Zoom ask for default password for all conversations - La Provincia

The video conferencing applicationZoomhas announced a new security update that will take effect this weekend and that will activate by default the requirement to use a password for all videoconferences and thus prevent the entry of intruders.

One of the ways to join a Zoom call is the personal meeting identifiers (PMI), which lead tovirtual roomspermanently reserved for a user.

"Since thePMIare always accessible using the same indicator or meeting link, anyone can join the call unless they are properly protected, "as Zoom has recognized in a statement.

To prevent intruders from entering calls, a phenomenon known as'zoombombing', Zoom will allow users to disable PMI indicators. The application will always require passwords to access calls, and will invalidate the previous links and identifiers.

In addition, PMI calls will have the waiting room activated as standard and the privileges to access the screen sharing function will becomeenabled by defaultonly for meeting hosts.

The new changes, which will be introduced this Saturday, May 9, for users of the free version of Zoom, will be enabled by default in all accounts, although administrators will have the possibility to modify them in the 'app' settings.


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