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Zombies eat the islanders – The Province

Zombies eat the islanders - The Province

The capital chicharrera became this Saturday, November 3, in the terrifying scene of a parade of zombies. Hundreds of people, surpassing all the expectations of participation that the organizers had, transformed for a few hours into living dead and crossed the avenue of Anaga to the Plaza de España, scaring some and provoking smiles in others.

And is that Santa Cruz It was the place chosen to celebrate the first edition in the Canary Islands of the initiative called Tenerife Zombie Walk, a meeting for lovers of horror films and for those who just want to enjoy a different experience.

This event, organized by the Cultural Association Charlas de Cine, the Cabildo, the Development Society of the Chicharrero City Council, the City and Port Cohesion Factory, the Port Authority of Santa Cruz de Tenerife, and Multicines Tenerife, and It frames in the programming of the celebration of Halloween, has arrived at the capital to stay. This was stated yesterday by the mayor, the nationalist José Manuel Bermúdez, who pointed out that "our idea is that the Tenerife Zombie Walk take place every year, as a new activity of invigoration and leisure in the municipality."

One of the main promoters of this initiative, Daniel Fumero, designer, creator of horror film posters internationally and co-director of the Isla Calavera Fantastic Film Festival, explained that "the zombie is a fantastic genre that attracts the public, children and adults, proof of this is that today (yesterday) we have participants of all ages here. "

"The zombie is that monster that we have all wanted to be sometime, with this activity we want to spend a good time disguising ourselves and making a cavalcade to animate the capital." The first official Zombi Walk was held in Sacramento (California), in August 2001. Today, there are many cities around the world that celebrate events of this type every year. In Spain, the most important march takes place within the framework of the International Film Festival of Catalonia, which attracts thousands of people to participate in the huge Sitges Zombie Walk that runs through the streets of the town. We wanted to transfer this exciting initiative to Santa Cruz, "adds Fumero.

The Tenerife Zombie Walk started yesterday at half past five in the afternoon with the opening of several tents where the attendees were offered made up, free, by different professionals. Only those who wanted to cause a terrifying fear and receive a more detailed job were charged. After a few minutes, a large queue began to form and more and more citizens, both large and small, approached the tents to be characterized.

So much was the participation, that the organizers decided to delay an hour the parade through Anaga Avenue of the living dead, scheduled for 7:00 pm. Finally, and after a jury designated for that purpose chose the best zombies, the terrifying tour began after eight o'clock at night.

The public, among which was one or another scared tourist, observed the living dead in amazement, as most took their role very seriously. Some even crawled on the ground and others chased bystanders, causing the occasional scare and occasional laughter.

Undoubtedly, Santa Cruz de Tenerife became the city of zombies last night, offering all those who decided to walk around the capital a different experience, fun for some and terrifying for others.


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