Zoe Saldaña supports the protests in Dominican R. but will not travel to the country

The actress Zoe Saldaña expressed her support for the protests in the Dominican Republic, her father's country, but clarified this Sunday that she will not attend the mass demonstration called for next Thursday.

Saldaña encouraged the Dominicans to attend the demonstration called for February 27, the day of Dominican independence, to protest the annulment of municipal elections last week, due to an alleged technical failure, which opened a political crisis in the country.

"With the conviction that our country will move forward and move forward at this time, I inform you that my support for decency, honest work and rejection of corruption and impunity is total, despite the fact that, on this occasion I will not be physically in the country as interpreted with my post, "said the actress on her Instagram account.

Saldaña had to make the clarification since in a previous message, spread on Friday, he said: "on February 27 we will meet in the Plaza de la Bandera".

"Young Dominicans ... IT'S NOW OUR MOMENT. Let's take charge of our country. We gave enough time to a group of people who only cared about their individual interests and a small group," said the actress in another message, in a message. apparent allusion to the ruling party, which has been in power since 2004.

The actress explained that she has personal, family and work commitments that prevent her from traveling to Santo Domingo for that appointment.

"But I repeat to young people and those not so young that our country needs a better future, a dignified life beyond the politicking that has ended the hope of many," added the actress.

The political crisis opened last Sunday, when the Central Electoral Board (JCE) suspended municipal elections, in full voting, due to a technical ruling, triggering daily protests in Santo Domingo and other cities.

The municipal elections will be repeated on March 15 and two months later, on May 17, legislative and presidential elections are held.


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