August 4, 2020

Zindine Zidane returns to Real Madrid: "What I want is to put the club where it has to be" – La Provincia

The French Zinédine Zidane was "very happy" for his return as coach of Real Madrid, since he left unexpectedly last May 31, and assured that it arrives for "put the club where it needs to be ", confessing that he could not say "no" to Florentino Pérez and that he has now "rested" because he may not have accepted "four months ago".

"I know it's a special day for everyone and I'm very happy, which is the most important thing, to go back home and what I want is to work againr and put the club where it needs to be, The only thing for me is to start working. I can not say no to the president, "Zidane said during his presentation this Monday at the Santiago Bernabéu's Palco de Honor.

The former player, who joked that he had not "gone far" because he is still living in Madrid, recalled that he left because he needed him. "And maybe the template also after having won everything, not only with me, before also. The president called me and since I love him and the club here I am, "he said, making it clear that he had" no debt "for leaving so suddenly.

"After eight months I want to train again, but I made that decision for the good of all, not that I would like to leave. I did not want to go to other teams either, "Zidane continued.

For the French, "It's a big responsibility and a big challenge" the return to occupy the bench of the thirteen times European champion, "not because it is the second time" "I do not think about the past because if not, I would not have returned. I do not forget what we won, but not about the things that we did badly last year like losing the League right away and the Cup. My ambition and what I have inside for this club nobody will take it from me, I will put everything to that the team is better, "he said.

"My heart tells me that I have rested in these months. They call me and I want to come, maybe four months ago it would not have been like that, but now it's a very good opportunity and I'm ready to live the experience of training Real Madrid again, "stressed Zizou.

He acknowledged that they will change "things for next year" because they must "prepare very well next season, which is very important". "But now it's not about that, I'll talk to the president and the club about what can be done, peror we have eleven games left and what we want is to finish well ", remarked.

"Last year the same thing happened and I was in charge"

In this regard, he also parked any attempt to bring back Cristiano Ronaldo. "It is not the issue. Cristiano is the history of this team and that nobody is going to change it ", ditched, before confirming that it will have its "same" technical body of yesteryear.

The former French footballer has been following the team's season. "I think the players know it's a difficult year, you can not always win and you have to accept the change when you're up and know there are bad things, it's been difficult for me from the outside," he added. "When you have won a lot, you can have a downturn and this year has happened to us, but last year the same happened and I was in charge, "he replied.

"Lopetegui and Solari wanted to do the best they could for the players, the team and the club, and it came out as it came out and I'm not going to get into that, we just have to look at what we have in front of us and what we want to do," he added, emphasizing that he was not going to "get involved" in the problems that have been in the locker room.

In addition, Zidane acknowledged that after announcing his departure, the people with whom he was in Madrid told him "a little bit of everything". "Some people thanked me for what I did, but also bad things, do not think that they are all good things," he warned. "But the most important thing is to do everything the way you feel, when you make a decision like that, you do not look just for yourself, this club imposes and you have to think about everything, train the Real Madrid is something else and I've already lived it ", he sentenced.


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