March 4, 2021

Zidane's Real Madrid plans for midfield

With the departure of Kovacic and also of Theo, Real Madrid begins to deflate their costumes. The outputs are clear and will be more or less easy, complicated or maybe impossible. The problem is in the last arrival that remains. After the signings and the quick presentations made by the white team as soon as the season ended, the signing that is left is taking longer.

Zidane wants a man for midfield. Llorente has been sold, like Kovacic and the French coach needs a player to have a spare or even to make him a starter ahead of Kroos, Modric or Casemiro.

Cebalos still does not fit into the plans of the French coach. And the club seems to be betting on a transfer, because the player also does not want to wait any longer: "I do not want to be sitting on a bench anymore, I think my time has come."

The main option, the one that Zidane has been asking since he arrived is Pogba. He is the French player who thinks he needs the team to be more consistent. The French offers talent, but also travel and that is what Zizou is looking for. In addition, Pogba wants to change of airs. In Manchester it has not achieved the objectives that it pursued because the club has not lived up to it. He lacks levelmates and also a clear strategy. United have left behind their best moments, will not play the Champions next season and gives the impression that is moving away from the great teams of the continent. Pogba wants to grow and Real Madrid is the best option. The problem is that Manchester does not seem willing to sell and everything indicates that Pogba will need to force the situation to leave.

On the other hand, Eriksen, who had been ruled out by Tottenham's pretensions, is back on the board. The English club, according to Marca, has contacted Real Madrid to negotiate for the player. He has one year left on his contract and Eriksen does not seem willing to renew with the European runner-up. Real Madrid becomes the best option to find a way out.

The owner of the Tottenham, Daniel Levy is always a bone to negotiate, as Real Madrid verified with the signings of Modric or Bale, but now the situation seems favorable.

The third option is Van de Beek, the footballer that this season has uncovered as Ajax. Of 22 years, scorer and projection, is a very interesting option that could be signed for about 50 million euros.

And among those three options moves Real Madrid.

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