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Zidane's plans for the midfield

Van de Beek was the Ajax midfielder in which Real Madrid had set himself to reinforce his center of the field, but the operation is being delayed and everything indicates that it will not be done this season. "I think he will stay at Ajax this season, ”said former soccer player Overmars, sports director of the dutch club.

Real Madrid has several fronts open in these weeks left for the summer transfer market to end. The first is, or was Pogba. The closing of the hiring in the Premier moved away the French soccer player and from the Bernabéu they consider it an impossible operation. United did not want to negotiate before and without substitutes is unlikely to do so now.

The second negotiation, or future negotiation is Neymar. The rapprochement between Barcelona and the PSG has not been fruitful and in the white entity they consider that the more time passes without an agreement being reached, the more possibilities open up for those of the Bernabeú. They are patient.

The other incorporation is that of De Beek, an operation that was about to be closed and the agreement with the player is already made, but not with Ajax and now it does not seem so clear: “I think it will not be long until it let's clarify and I hope it ends in a positive way, ”Overmars told Dutch television 'Ziggo Sport'

In Real Madrid they consider that without movements in the center of the field, the option of James, who until now has not entered into Zidane's plans, is a footballer more than profitable for that area of ​​the field. The Colombian has been a discard of Zidane from the beginning, but there has been no serious offer for him. The Naples, which is the club that has shown more intentions to gain its services, never made a serious offer for the player, while Atlético de Madrid did not show real interest in hiring him. Waiting for a compelling offerJames is still a player on the Zidane squad and the coach is asked to take the best possible advantage.

In Holland, while, it is said, that Ajax is looking for a substitute for the gap that Van de Beek could leave and the name of Vanaken, player of the Bruges has been published. But "we are no longer looking for new players," Overmars said.

Although Zidane has made tests in the defense especially, it is the center of the field where he does not finish having it clear: he did not want Ceballos or Llorente to bet on them as usual. But as the meetings have been going on, the French coach is realizing that he lacks consistency. Valverde seems one of the men chosen by the French coach to help. And if Van de Beek doesn't arrive, he has James

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