March 1, 2021

Zidane's explanations for Atlético's scandalous win

Zidane went to a press conference and tried to explain what happened at the meeting. These were some of his answers:

What happened?

"We entered the game very badly. After eight minutes we were 2-0. We had no response and we have lacked everything, especially intensity, that is necessary. "

Talk to the players

"We know they scored seven goals and that can't happen. But the players know it too and they are disappointed. Then you don't have to give it more laps. It's a preseason game and they have been better. "

Are the players failing him?

"No, they are not failing me. We are preparing a season and we are calm. get well on August 17 and I'm sure we are going to compete well. Today we have lacked certain things. "

Is there a lack of motivation for players who have won everything?

"I have no doubt that we will be motivated and that the season is going to be good. I am thinking about our beginning today. We just don't go out with intensity today. "

Hazard's "lazy" party

"It's not him. You can't blame a player or two. We've all been."


"For now is with us and has played, we'll see what happens".

He's busy?

"Worried, no. Hurt yes, because we don't like to lose, we play to win … But I'm sure we'll be hungry and motivated. It has been a friendly match, but for Atlético it hasn't been a friendly match. It is done".

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