July 2, 2020

Zidane plans after Leganés-Real Madrid

Zidane plans after Leganés-Real Madrid

Real Madrid tied Leganés in another game that Zidane uses to do his casting for the next season:

Bale. Substitute, which may be a sign of what Zidane thinks about the future of the Welsh player, who is in all exit bets when talking about making money with the transfers. It left by Asensio, but with few minutes and without influence in the game.

Asensio. Holder, already starting the game as a right winger or as a forward starting from that side. He was seen with desire and with possibilities to rehearse the shot, one of his best weapons and that this year he has barely used. It is an Asensio still in the reconstruction phase, but it emits better signals.

Isco. Active, with a lot of contact with the ball, but without goblins, which makes him an inconsequential player, who does not leave his mark on the game. It is not decisive near the area and that penalizes Madrid, who can not find a player to create chances. Your future is an unknown.

Valverde. The best news of these last two games is the performance of the Uruguayan midfield. He is seen with determination, without fear and helps Casemiro a lot so that the white team prevails in that area. It is winning continue.

Marcelo. Zidane is giving him minutes, to see if he can get him out of that dark area he has been this season. Although he did not suffer back, he was not decisive upstairs and without his depth, the team is lame. Your future is also to be seen.


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