April 14, 2021

Zidane bites her tongue with Bale

Zidane appeared before the media after the victory against Fenerbahce (5-3), but one of the questions he had to answer was whether what Bale had done (play golf the day before while Real Madrid played against Tottenham, as unveiled "El Confidencial") was disrespectful. The technician bit his tongue, although anger was noticed. These were his answers:

The plan for Lunin

"We will see when we return to Madrid the situation of each one and also what we are going to do, because what the player thinks is important. I am glad he played today. He is a goalkeeper for the future and is very good."

Game system: 4-4-2

"We have played this preseason many times in this drawing, but in reality it is a 4-4-1-1, with freedom for the midfielder, like Isco today, the other day Hazard … It's because of the players we have, players are missing (Casemiro, for example) and the idea is to change things because sometimes we need to change drawings, and we are going to do it. "

Bale playing golf

"I don't know. You're telling me one thing that surely has happened … I don't know, I'm here with my players. We're here thinking about the team."

Does Bale bother you?

"We will see when we return. I will not prevent anyone from exercising their … Well, each one has his responsibilities and we will see what he does in Madrid. In his personal life I will not get in. He stayed to train and his training has done".

Does Bale seem disrespectful?

"I'm not going to tell you that, man. You're not going to put me in a position that I don't want."

Will Mariano's performance stay?

"I don't answer many questions, but it's the same as before. Let's go back and see what happens and until August 31 everything can happen."

The team receives many goals, are you worried?

"We are going to solve it, we are going to work it. I am to the death with my players. I know we are going to have a very good season. We do not like to fit three goals, but the important thing is the victory. We scored five and could be more" .

Kubo's role

"There are many players who have come with us in the preseason. He is a player of the future, but we will see what we do with him talking to him too. Of course it would be good to see him in Castilla and training with us and see how we are doing to fit in. He's young, like Rodrygo, like Vinicius, and you have to go slowly with them. "

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