Zidane and Mourinho sound for the bench of Real Madrid

Zidane and Mourinho sound for the bench of Real Madrid

Zidane has returned to the stage and now has plenty of options to retrain Real Madrid. The French coach was the first to see what could happen to the team and left just after winning the third consecutive Champions. Now his name sounds like the main candidate to be the coach.

But also appears Mourinho, who is unemployed and lately does nothing but talk to the Spanish media to show his love for Real Madrid. The Portuguese maintains an excellent relationship with the white directors and the way in which he made Madrid compete left a very big mark and a feeling of melancholy in the club.

Those are the two options that the white set handles, once it is clear that Solari no longer has a future. The question with the Argentine no longer if he is going to leave or not; the question is when will he be fired: yes in the next hours or in summer.

Maybe everything depends on the answer given by the two coaches with options. Mourinho feels like it, but Zidane seems to prefer to wait until he finishes this course and take the team. The Frenchman, on leaving, realized that he could not drive a staff that needed urgent renewal. The data confirms that it is going to be done and he can be the man who directs it.


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