Mon. Dec 16th, 2019

Zelenski's party obtains 42.18% of the votes with 32% counted

Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelenski's party, The People's Servant, won 42.18% of the vote with 32.29% of the vote counted, the Central Election Commission (CEC) of Ukraine reported Monday.

The data of the CEC confirm the overwhelming victory of the formation of the Ukrainian president in the parliamentary elections this Sunday.

These figures refer exclusively to the elections by lists of parties in which 225 seats are distributed, of which Zelenski's party would correspond 120-122.

Secondly, with the 12.69%, is the party Platform for Opposing Life, a formation that promotes the full restoration of relations with Russia, followed by European Solidarity, by former President Petro Poroshenko, with 8.7% .

The other two formations that currently reach the 5% needed to have representation in the Supreme Rada (Parliament) are Batkivschina (Patria), former Prime Minister Yulia Tymoshenko, and Golos (Voice) singer Sviatolav Vakarchuk, with 8, 7% and 8.19%, respectively.

In addition to the 225 deputies by party lists, 199 parliamentarians are elected in majority constituencies, whose scrutiny is proceeding more slowly and in which the formation of Zelenski could achieve, according to the digital Ukrainska Pravda, just over half a hundred seats.

With these results, the Servant of the People will be forced to negotiate with other forces to articulate the necessary parliamentary majority, fixed by the Constitution in 226 deputies, to form a government.

Although the Rada is made up of 450 seats, in the next legislature, as in the one that has just concluded, the Parliament will have 424 deputies, as in 26 majority constituencies, located in the conflict zone in the east of the country, no elections were held.

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