Zasca from the FIA ​​to Fernando Alonso

It’s been a while since Fernando Alonso he has been complaining about the actions of the Race Direction, because it considers that its decisions are partial and that not all pilots are measured under the same standard.

Hence, in the Circuit of the Americas, during the United States Grand Prix from Formula 1, do not hesitate to give a important lugging of the ears to the FIA ​​for these performances. More specifically to Michael Masi, with whom he has already had more than one run-in like last Sunday.

However, once again, Masi was not cut off and wanted to respond to the accusations of the Oviedo. The Formula 1 Race Director considered that Kimi Raikkonen’s maneuver was different from the one the Asturian made later with Giovinazzi.

“That’s why it was a marginal call. Obviously, the two elements were analyzed and determined on that basis. The decision was made to leave it as it was. But certainly, it will be discussed at the next pilots’ meeting, “he said.

Alonso did not understand it and, very angry about everything that was happening, he took justice into his own hand. If the others could, he would also overtake off the track. And that’s exactly what he did after putting the car at the end of the straight for Giovinazzi. So they did force him to give up the position to the Italian.

In this regard, Masi indicated with a smile that “it was a bit ironic what happened” and remarked that “Anyone can see the irony of that situation”. It was clear that he had ‘gotten’ the message that Fernando Alonso wanted to send him with that maneuver.

“I can understand your frustration. I didn’t hear it, but I can understand it.”, stressed about it. Later, remember, the Spaniard tried again from the inside, opening himself so that Giovinazzi lengthen its line. The Italian this time went off the track as Raikkonen did before and won the position again from Fernando Alonso.

On this occasion, yes, he had to return the square to the Spaniard although it was already late. Fernando Alonso, who had lost precious time in that battle, was already 10 seconds behind Raikkonen. And he couldn’t get close to a pilot anymore with whom he was fighting shortly before for the position. The anger was monumental, as was evident after a career in which he finally had to drop out.


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