Wed. Nov 13th, 2019

Zasca, castellers and casoplón enter the dictionary

The castellers They already have fet l’aleta at Spanish dictionary, of the Association of Academies of the Spanish Language. In the assembly held by the Asale in Seville, he has approved 229 new words Y 8
70 extensions or modifications of meanings, which can already be consulted in the digital dictionary from today.

These are ten examples of the news:


Said of a man: who is in andropause.

‘Annus horribilis’ (in italics)

Year of great misfortune.


Contrary to bullfights or other shows in which these animals intervene.


Unjustified felling of trees.


Hobby accused by the music and aesthetics of the Beatles.

‘Brunch’ (in italics)

Meal that is taken mid-morning to replace breakfast and lunch at noon.


1. adj. Belonging or relative to the casteller. Castellera performance.

2. m. and f. Each of the people who form a human tower perched on each other's shoulders, following a folk tradition of Catalonia.

Complies month

Day when a month of some event is celebrated, especially the birth of a child.


Large and luxurious house.


Sharp response, click, chatter.

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