October 23, 2020

Zaragoza will name Fernando Simón favorite son

Fernando Simón at a press conference.

Health professionals have been chosen to receive the highest distinction of Zaragoza, the Gold Medal, while the epidemiologist Fernando Simón will be named favorite son together with the body of the Local Police, the victims of the covid-19 in the Aragonese capital and the group of Retailers of the Markets.

The singer-songwriter Joaquin Carbonell and the bishop Miguel Olaortua They will be recognized, both posthumously, as adopted children, as agreed on Monday by the Board of Spokespersons of the Zaragoza City Council, at the proposal of the mayor, Jorge Azcón, and the spokespersons of the Municipal Groups.

These are the distinctions that each year the Zaragoza City Council awards in the solemn act that begins the Pilar parties, suspended this 2020 due to the pandemic of covid, so the awards will be delivered in a municipal plenary session to be held next November.

According to the agreement of the Board of Spokespersons, it is proposed that the City’s Gold Medal be awarded to healthcare professionals, both in the public and private spheres, for your commendable work and to be “those who have made, and continue to make, the greatest effort in the face of the pandemic and those who have suffered the highest rate of infection.”

As Favorite Son, the city of Zaragoza distinguishes Fernando Simón (Zaragoza 1963), an epidemiologist, director of the Alerts and Emergencies Coordination Center of the Ministry of Health, known for his performance as spokesman for the special committee on the disease of the Ebola virus in Spain in 2014 and as a spokesperson for the Ministry of Health against the pandemic of disease due to coronavirus in Spain 2020.

Also to the Local Police Corps of Zaragoza, on behalf of all the State Security Forces and Corps, for their work during the pandemic and for their dedication, sacrifice and professionalism during 365 days a year since 1850, when under the name of Municipal Guard Corps, began its work in Zaragoza.

Recognition also shared by the victims of covid-19 in Zaragoza, given the especially painful circumstances, due to the necessary prevention and isolation measures, in which the sick are cared for and the deceased are buried, which in Aragon already exceed a thousand.

He group of Retailers of the Zaragoza Markets, both public and private, a total of 40 spaces that employ almost a thousand people, of which 428 retailers, will also be recognized as a Favorite Son for being on the front line providing their services to citizens during the pandemic.

The Aragonese capital also wants to posthumously recognize the contribution to Aragonese culture as one of the main singer-songwriters of this land of the also poet and journalist Joaquín Carbonell, who died on September 12 due to complications from the covid.

Finally it is proposed as Adoptive Son to the Augustinian Bishop Miguel Olaortúa Laspra (Bilbao), who died in Iquitos (Peru) on November 1, 2019 at the age of 56 and who for more than twenty years worked at the San Agustín (Agustinos) School in Zaragoza, the city where he began his priestly ministry after studying Philosophy and Theology in the Major Seminary of the Augustinian Fathers in Valladolid and in the University of Deusto and to graduate in Educational Sciences from the Pontifical Salesian University of Rome.


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