Zaragoza - Seville: historical duel at La Romareda nine years later


01/06/2022 -

ORno of the most attractive duels this third round cup is he Zaragoza-Seville what to dispute this afternoon starting at 18.00 hours in The Romareda. A match between two hysterical cupbearers, six titles add up the locals for five of the Andalusians. The preceding nearest dates from other quarter finals, those of the 2012-13 season, a tie that fell on the Sevilla side after a zero tie in Saragossa and a blunt 4-0 at Nervin with two goals from Negredo and both so many of Rakitic Y Manu del Moral.

The first precedent are the quarter finals of the edition 1939-40, the Saragossa prevented the Seville renew the title won a year earlier by eliminating it after losing by the minimum in Nervin -gol de Campanal I- and go back on the lap (4-2). Bilbao, Primo, Ruiz Y Tiler they scored for the maos while Pepillo and again, Campanal I they did it for him Seville.

The Saragossa has left behind the Delivery courier and to Burgos in this edition. Now after three consecutive defeats In league competition, the Aragonese need a good dose of confidence and Cup can help to better cope with next days. Juan Ignacio Martinez had bet on the alternates in the previous two rounds but now choose a eleven hybrid. The Saragossa has three positives and has the doubt from Nano Table, who fell off the list at the last minute on the previous day for a few muscle aches.

To get to these round of 32, those of Lopetegui they have had to overcome two heats that took them to extensions before him Cordoba and the Andratx. The pass before him Balearic painting it was decided in the penaltiesHow does the Seville? With three players less than in the last league visit to Cdiz. Ferdinand, with a ankle sprain and just renovated, it is come down and doubt also for on Sunday. To add insult to injury sevillistas, the African Cup Y Lopetegui lose to Bono, Munir Y En-Nesyri. Delaney also has for several parties and Lopetegui pressed Monchi yesterday for players to sign as soon as possible.


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