October 22, 2020

Zaragoza-Real Madrid: “Maybe Zidane has put the 6-1 video on them”

Almost fourteen years have passed, but in Zaragoza it is still remembered with some nostalgia that magical night of February 8, 2006. The Real Madrid of «Los Galacticos» arrived in La Romareda to dispute the first leg of the semifinals of Copa and López Caro, who came with a desire for revenge after losing their final final against the hands, returned to the capital with one of the largest They are red They are remembered in the history of the white club.

«No one in the locker room expected such a thing. We had a good team, we knew we could beat him, but from there to put six in Madrid … It was a real madness », reminds LARAZÓN Alberto Zapater, Real Zaragoza midfielder and only survivor of that team that scored six goals for Madrid.

Unpublished so far this season (an injury to his right knee forced him to go through the operating room last October), the Zaragoza captain will miss the match tonight against those of Zidane. “I don’t feel sorry because my daily game is now the knee,” he says. But from Barcelona, ​​where he continues with his recovery process, the 21-year-old footballer, David Beckham himself, will remember, when he sits in front of the television, that night he recovers every year emotionally in Zaragoza. «The first thing that comes to mind of that game is that I played in a position that was not mine. There were many casualties and I had to put on the left side », Zapater account. And there, with hardly any experience, he had to dance with one of the most classy Real Madrid players: Beckham «I didn’t have that position too controlled, but since I was facing a player who had seen a hundred thousand times, I was calmer. In my mind there was only one thing, which did not focus ». And he achieve it.

No players, no coaching staff, no fans. No one gave credit to what was happening on the lawn. The almighty Real Madrid of the Zidane, Guti, Roberto Carlos and Ronaldo I was being ignored by an impeccable and almost inhuman Zaragoza in the right. «We commented in the locker room and everything went perfectly. From César to Diego Milito, who scored four goals. We all made a great match. I remember that it was very difficult for me to take the dream that night because it was something incredible, ”he says.

From that game he keeps his shirt, “every season I keep what I consider to be the most special”, but also the scare in the body of what could have happened in the second leg. «Whenever they tell the anecdote of 6-1 I say yes, yes, but in the Bernabéu they put four of us and stayed at one of the comeback. I remember that in that game I was not able to listen to my teammates of the ambience that was in the field. Luckily we finally got through», Says Zapater, who still has the thorn stuck in that final that they lost against Deportivo de la Coruña.

He has not seen the game repeated on television. He prefers to keep what he saw and felt that night on the green. But Zidane, who seeks to conquer the only title he lacks as a coach, is sure to have reviewed it. «Maybe Zizou has put the 6-1 video to his players. He and Sergio Ramos lived it in their own meats and I am sure that Real Madrid will not come relaxed. We will make it difficult». Without Casemiro, Militao, Isco and Bale, Real Madrid returns to La Romareda in Copa del Rey. As captain and coach, Ramos and Zidane return to Zaragoza tonight. Of the hands there are no survivors, but from the home sofa Alberto Zapater signs 1-0.


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