October 21, 2020

Zaragoza rapper Rebel, brother of Sho-Hai dies – La Provincia

The Zaragoza MC Toño Rodríguez, known artistically as’Rebel‘, he died this Sunday, as friends and colleagues by profession like Kase.O.

‘Rebel’, in fact, collaborated on different occasions with the group Violators of the Verse With which Kase.O triumphed from 1995 to 2011 with Sho-Hai, younger brother of the deceased rapper (who was the one who introduced Sho-Hai in hip-hop).

“Rest in peace #Rebel. You’ll always be the best. For your masterpieces and for your kindness and sympathy. We don’t forget you, the fifth VDV“, wrote Kase.O in a sense Twitter message collected by Europa Press.

It was also known as’The highest card‘, title of one of his collaborations with Violadores del Verso, which was part of’ Genios’, the first album of the now emblematic formation.

He also collaborated with ‘Rebel’ with other artists such as Clap bass drum, Arrogant resistance, Bufank and also on Kase.O themes as a soloist.


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