July 27, 2021

Zara launches a global website to reach (almost) the entire world | Economy

Zara launches a global website to reach (almost) the entire world | Economy

In September, the president of Inditex, Pablo Isla, announced in Milan that in 2020 all Inditex brands (Zara, Stardivarius, Massimo Dutti, Pull & Bear, Bershka and Uterqüe) they would sell on-line around the world. This Thursday, the Galician textile giant will take the first step towards that goal with its brand name, Zara, through a global internet sales platform that will serve 106 markets, mostly from Africa, Indonesia and the Caribbean, in those that today is not present neither with physical stores nor online. Thus, from tomorrow you can buy a piece of Zara, online or in store, in 202 markets, that is, in almost any country in the world, with exceptions such as Iran or Crea del Norte. The shares of the company earn on the stock market around 4% after the announcement.

At present, Zara has stores in 96 markets and in 49 of them, it also has its own online store. From tomorrow, you can buy any Garment Zara men, women and children in 106 new markets where so far there are no physical stores or online. In these new markets, which are mostly in Africa, Indonesia and the Caribbean, the new global platform will be available (zara.com/ww), which will be in English and French and which also has a customer service in English and, in French-speaking areas, also in French.

New markets will be added to it in the coming months, both those that today do not have physical stores or online stores as those in which there is a physical presence but not online, as in the case of Brazil or Argentina. In the latter, says the company, "will develop a local sales platform."

The orders of the markets that are incorporated tomorrow to the online sale of Zara will be sent from the online platform of Zara in Spain will take between three and seven days to reach customers, and will be charged in euros. To the price of the pledge will have to add the corresponding cost of shipping and customs, which will vary depending on the destination. You can use the usual means of payment, bank card or PayPal.

The new global website is a step towards the goal of Inditex to sell all the products of all its brands online in 2020, as Pablo Isla announced a couple of months ago in Milan.


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