Zaplana is still hospitalized and his family regrets the suffering because he can not see it

Zaplana is still hospitalized and his family regrets the suffering because he can not see it

The expresident of the Generalitat and former minister Eduardo Zaplana is still admitted to the La Fe Hospital in Valencia for the fifth consecutive day while his family regrets the suffering he suffers from not being able to see him.

This has been confirmed to Efe health sources and the defense of the former president of the PP and ex-director of Telef├│nica, after the confusion that has been generated this Saturday by the dissemination in social networks of his possible death.

Zaplana is isolated in the aforementioned hospital, both because of his condition as a detainee and because of his health situation, so his relatives can not visit him.

The former popular politician is being treated in La Fe so that the deterioration that he suffers, as a consequence of a leukemia, is not "irreversible," according to sources from his defense told Efe on Friday.

Eduardo Zaplana has spent six months in unconditional prison and without bail in Picassent prison as investigated for his alleged involvement in crimes of bribery, money laundering, embezzlement and malfeasance in the context of the Erial case, which remains under the secrecy of the investigation. Court of Instruction number 8 of Valencia.

"The treatment that you are receiving – since last Tuesday – is not at all routine, they have never done it before," the same sources added.

Every fortnight he usually goes to the La Fe prison to undergo various medical tests and receive treatment for the leukemia he has suffered since 2015, when he underwent a bone marrow transplant.

However, recently it has experienced a physical deterioration that has "alarmed" both the doctors of Picassent and those of La Fe, who have issued two reports "quite coincident", according to the sources of their defense, and that has led to their entry hospitable.

Following a tweet from the Popular Party, on Thursday social media requests of "humanity" – from political leaders of different stripes – followed so that the expresident could be treated for his illness in a hospital and not in prison.


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