Zapatero hopes that the PP “arrives the shoulder sometime” in matters of State

The former president of the Government José Luis Rodríguez Zapatero has considered “reasonable” the reform of the Criminal Code that the Government of Pedro Sánchez plans and has called on the PP to “close the shoulder sometime” in matters of state.

The Government plans to address a comprehensive reform of the Criminal Code that would affect, among others, the crime of sedition, and that could imply a reduction of the penalties already imposed by a final sentence if the new law is more beneficial for prisoners than that with which They were convicted.

Asked about this issue during a visit to the house where Antonio Machado lived in Rocafort (Valencia), the former president has considered that certain criminal types “cannot be petrified”, because “they are designed for situations that occurred in other times” .

“For the sake of Justice, the judiciary and coexistence, the reform is healthy,” he said.

In any case, this proposal “will have its debate in parliament,” said Zapatero, who has predicted that “the opposition will criticize it.”

In this context, he recalled that “in 2007 the right wing already organized a demonstration arguing that we had sold Navarra to ETA … and 13 years later … what? Have they asked for forgiveness for the lie? Navarra is where it is, and who is not is ETA, fortunately. “

“My advice, not asked, to the right, especially to the PP, is not to use State issues hypocritically to make opposition. And everything that has to do with Catalonia or with terrorism are issues of State,” he said.

“That once they throw their shoulders to the PSOE on issues of state as I did with the anti-terrorism pact or Sánchez with Rajoy supporting 155 in Catalonia. May he ever see a leader of the PP support a socialist president on issues of state, without conditions or hypocrisy. But for that you have to really feel the country. “

“It is one thing to be an opposition leader protesting and saying no to everything, but to be president of the Government requires something else, and so far, anyway … I regret to see that the leaders of the PP only take care of his defeats, “added Zapatero.

The former president has insisted that legal change can help deflate the situation in Catalonia and has claimed “height of sight” to “think more in Spain than in public opinion at one time or another.”

“I remember that when I supported the anti-terrorism pact with Aznar I had criticism of my own party, they said that it was to facilitate the task, which was soft politics, but I felt it was good for Spain. And when something is done in favor of your country, normally It is also in favor of your political project, “he concluded.


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