May 17, 2021

Zapatero advocates to recover the "big deals"

Zapatero advocates to recover the "big deals"

The former President of the Government, José Luis Rodríguez, praised the "collective success" of 40 years of democracy and called for the recovery of the "great political and social agreements" that led to the consensus of the 1978 Constitution.

"If we have nostalgia for the times of the great agreements, let's practice the great agreements", Zapatero assured, who has claimed not to fall into the "constitutional conformity".

Speaking at the Congress, where today he attended the solemn session for the 40th anniversary of the Constitution, Zapatero praised the speech of King Philip, who has been "once again living up to expectations."

In his opinion, the act today in the Congress has been "very symbolic" and has recognized "justly" the constitutional rapporteurs, the leaders of the time and King Juan Carlos.

"It is part of the countries that respect themselves and are respected, recognizing the task of public servants," he remarked.

For Zapatero, the balance of these 40 years is "very positive" beyond the political and social difficulties that have emerged along the way.

For his part, former President José María Aznar has also congratulated himself on today's event in Congress: "Everything has seemed very good to me," he assured the journalists.


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