Zapata: “They have been the hardest 60 days in the history of La Palma due to the volcano”

Hernández Zapata began his speech with a phrase that sums up the drama that has been experienced on La Palma since the eruptive process began in Cumbre Vieja on September 19. These are “the hardest 60 days in the history of La Palma”. This period of time leaves 7,000 people out of their homes, who in many cases “have lost their homes, their dreams and their life projects,” says the president of La Palma, but also “a lesson in life, sacrifice, tenacity and ability to overcome ”, in which the residents of the Aridane Valley in particular, and the entire Island in general, are being an example of how to face an unprecedented crisis in the Archipelago.

Regarding the work carried out, he indicated that “it has been marked by the unity of action of all”, in an emergency that “far exceeds the possibilities of city councils and Cabildo”Therefore, it considers it necessary to continue working together with the regional and national governments to give the answer that “society is waiting for.” Fulfilling in this way the commitment assumed by the administrations, and for which, he added, it will be necessary to continue working to “give the largest, the best and the most effective response to each and every one of the sectors on the Island.”

These two months have also been “an example to the whole world,” said Zapata, that the Cabildo is working to seek “tirelessly the best and most efficient responses to this tragedy,” being aware that “in the face of this situation extraordinary we must take measures never taken until now ». In addition, the leader of the PP assumed that from the island council they will have to be “faster and more effective, because that is what all of society is demanding of us.”

Regarding these solutions, Hernández Zapata referred to the fact that “we are already working on the reconstruction process.” There has been a first meeting between the different administrations and a single challenge: to change things. At that meeting, the progress of the sectoral working groups set up to carry out this work, coordinated by the public company Gestur, was known. “Solutions and alternatives are being put in place for today, without the eruption having finished yet.” These actions already involve interventions in lava-free areas, he added.


60 days of La Palma volcano eruption

For his part, the island vice president, Borja Perdomo, referred to the fact that this is the greatest crisis that the Canary Islands have had in its history, and that it has left 60 days marked by “the desolation, destruction and suffering of some of our neighbors “, But which has also had as positive the great samples of” solidarity and commitment “, with La Palma.

In his account of the work carried out in these two months, Perdomo referred to the fact that the Cabildo placed people at the center of its island government action, institutionally welcoming all those who “the lava has taken away their home, their work, their family, social and vital environment ».

Regarding the reconstruction process, he pointed out that, “Given the magnitude of the catastrophe”, it will not be a simple process. Perdomo indicated that the challenge is to “turn desolation into hope and destruction into opportunities,” for which the “unwavering commitment” of the institutions to the victims will be essential. In addition, in reference to the Infrastructure area that it also manages, he mentioned that one of the main challenges is to return road communications to areas that have been isolated as soon as possible. To do this, he announced that he was going to be “ambitious”, improving the design and layout of the existing roads before the eruption.


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