Fri. Apr 19th, 2019

ZAL Port will invest 150 million until 2021 and will deplete its surface

ZAL Port invertirá 150 millones hasta el 2021 y agotará su superficie

ZAL Port will invest 150 million euros until 2021 to build 271,000 mtwoof logistics ships that will suppose complete the commercialization of the enclosure, as explained yesterday Alfonso
Martinez, general director of Cilsa, the society that manages the ZAL.

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Martinez explained that with the new contracts signed the company will manage 740,000 mtwoof own surface, in addition to the 180,000 mtworaised by third parties on land that the company has in concession, with a total of 920,000 mtwo.

Cilsa, participated by the Port of Barcelona (51.5%) and Merlin Properties (48.5%), is consolidated as well as the fourth logistics operator of the Peninsula, only behind the own Merlin, Logicor and Prologis.

The logistics manager breaks records in 2018 with revenues of 50 million and operating profit 26

Real estate sources recalled that the ZAL has signed in recent months the largest deployments of logistics platforms in Catalonia. Thus, the rent of ships of 35,000 m stand outtwoto the Damm brewery, 23,000 mtwoto Caprabo, 11,200 mtwoto Agility, 61,000 mtwoto Lidl, 96,000 mtwoto Decathlon, 25,000 mtwoUPS and two new projects of 13,000 mtwoand 6,800 mtwoto two freight forwarding companies.

The construction of the new ships will be completed in the first half of 2021. In recent weeks Cilsa has already tendered the construction of the Agility ship to a joint venture led by Rubau, for 5.9 million euros, and the ship in the that Lidl will be located, to a joint venture involving Urcotex, Agefred and Isidre Archs, for 25.5 million.

The start-up of new spaces led Cilsa to record record results last year, with revenues of 50.1 million euros, 26 1 million EBITDA and 9.1 net profit. The delivery of the new ships will place the ZAL with a turnover of 78 million euros in 2022 and an operating profit or ebitda of 61% of its revenues. The firm, explained Martinez, has signed contracts of mandatory compliance that guarantee an income of 640 million euros during the term of the concessions.

Martínez recalled that logistics activity is vital for the economic development of the city and is itself a generator of wealth: every 100 mtwoit generates direct employment and 1.5 indirect jobs, so when the ZAL is completed, it will employ 9,000 people and another 13,500 between carriers and suppliers. The director of Cilsa lamented the lack of coordination of administrations to develop land for logistics. "Large operators are looking for increasingly larger ships, 100,000 mtwoand in Catalonia there is no place to put them. And we compete with Genoa and Marseille to become the logistics hub of southern Europe. "

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