October 31, 2020

Zaira Romero: "I can also do as a little girl" | Culture

Zaira Romero: "I can also do as a little girl" | Culture

She presents herself with her stiff ponytail, her backpack to the hump, her short-sighted glasses and her finite feathers, and she looks like a young girl just out of high school. Everything and nothing to do with the powerful and fragile presence of Lola, the gypsy teenager in love with the girlfriend of her cousin who plays in Carmen and Lola. His first casting, his first role, his first film, his christening for many things. He rode for the first time in airplane to present it in Cannes, where he turned 18 years old. And, the day she learned that she was nominated for the Goyas, she made 16 that her father had died. As soon as he opens his mouth, the first impression evaporates. Romero eats the camera, the photographer and the interviewer based on labia and fotogenia. I refer to the tests.

Comes to washed face Does it leave all the shine for the Goya?

I have the dress in my mind, they are doing it to me. I'm going to mix the elegant and the Spanish. You are going to be dead.

At 18, is it a girl or a woman?

It depends on where you are. With my little cousins, I play dolls, because I did not play as a child. But, at home, if my mother is working and my older brothers too, I take care of my grandfather, or I help the little one with the studies, and I assume the role of mother.

And how do we walk about turkey??

I'm wearing it It matures with me. I will have it all my life. In fact, I in the movie, as I did not know how to act, played. I have very bad to lose. And I pulled that self-love. I give everything always. I do not do anything by halves.


Zaira Romero (Madrid, 1999) was the first aspirant who saw Arancha Echevarría, the director of 'Carmen y Lola', to be the protagonist of her film about love between two gypsy girls. Romero was accompanying his cousin, but it was she who took a position for which seemed made to measure .. For this first role, Zaira can win the Goya for best actress revelation in February. His crush on the cinema was also fulminating.

His character, Lola, suffers the rejection of his own. Where did he go to express that pain?

It hurts me to say it, but I have a lot of resentment inside. My father died when I was two years old. And his family disowned my mother and my brothers. They came to say: 'the dog is dead, the rage is over. My son died, we do not have grandchildren. ' That's why my first surname is Romero, which is that of my mother and my grandfather, the man of my house and to whom I asked permission to make the film. Morales is just my father's last name. Now my uncles call me and they reproach me for not using it. It's late.

League more since the movie.

Well, the truth is that I've always linked, but now many girls enter the networks. I'm straight, but that does not mean I'm not flattered.

Did it cost you to express physical desire for a woman being 'straight'?

Very much. The kisses do not, because I give myself peaks with my brothers, my aunts and my mother. Love, either, because I love my partner, Rosy, and watched her as I look at my mother. But the desire … One day, to get in tune, Rosy became the colony of someone I knew, and I used her husband. We both closed our eyes and imagined the other person.

I think some extras insult theman in the shooting.

They told us that, being gypsies, why we were lesbians. In the payos they see it normal, but if you are gypsy and homosexual you are an extraterrestrial. Then they complain about racism. I have met gypsies in one piece. What hurts are the labels.

He says it is 'merchera', neither paya nor gypsy. Is not that another label, or to be between two worlds?

For the payos we are gypsies and for the gypsies, payos. My father was a payo and I do not deny my part paya. I would never have said that I am a merchant if they had not asked me, by my features, if I was a gypsy. I am a person, the rest is a separate thing, everyone has their house. My grandfather says it: the good merchant is the one who never says where he comes from, it is not necessary. They already classify you quite on the street.

League, but is she in love?

There is something, although I'm not supposed to say it, because at home I can not have a boyfriend.


Let's see, I can tell my mother and my brothers that I'm with a boy, but in the street I can not go with one and another. It's ugly. We do not have the proof of the handkerchief. We give, if we want, the sheets of the day after, and your husband will know if he wants to marry or not. But being seen on the street by the hand does not go with me.

And that does not seem like an unbearable machismo?

No, I seem to give you a respect as a woman, give yourself your place. I do not like that they talk about me. I have had boyfriends but I do not give it to see. I do not like that a man goes with a woman, and then with another and another. I do not see it necessary. But each one has its customs, its way of thinking and its ideals. I do not like to judge or judge me.

His first role is of gypsy. Do you see yourself as an aristocrat?

As a little girl? Well of course. What they throw me. If I propose something, I go in a straight line.

Do you have a plan B in case the interpretation fails?

No, I have a plan A: I am aesthetician. I wanted to be a psychologist, but I was not good at studying. I have always sought life. I already earned almost 1,000 euros, 973 more commissions, at 16 years old. I've seen that in my house. To my mother, to my grandmother, to my uncles. Nothing is put before us.

I see her thrown into the pool.

Of course, and we'll see if I can swim or choke, what I'm not going to do is throw in the towel. I have come to stay. I have ambition and desire to eat the world.

What face will he be if he does not win it? Have you rehearsed it?

Icíar Castro always told me: they are going to nominate you, but you will not take it. It gave me a certain anger. But if I tell you the truth, I would like Gloria, the girl with Down's syndrome Champions. She has had limitations. Me, none.

How does it look in 10 years?

Well look, following in this world. But if you trust me to ten years, then already married and with a child at least. It's just that, maja, I'm already in 28 years, almost 29, and that's an age of respect.


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