June 15, 2021

Zahi Hawass recognizes that it is not close to finding Cleopatra's tomb | Culture

Zahi Hawass recognizes that it is not close to finding Cleopatra's tomb | Culture

The famous Egyptian archaeologist Zahi Hawass, responsible for antiquities of his country during the presidency of Hosni Mubarak, has recognized that against the statements that have been attributed to him, he is not at all close to finding the tomb of Queen Cleopatra. Last month, media from all over the world advanced that the discovery of the tomb in which not only Cleopatra but her lover Marco Antonio would lie was imminent, based on alleged statements by Hawass during a conference at the University of Palermo. The news raised enormous expectation, although there were those who put mute to the announcement.

Now, in an article written by himself and published a few days ago in the Egyptian newspaper Al-Ahram, Hawass claims that the media misinterpreted his words and falsely attributed to him that the tomb was about to be located in the great temple of the city of Taposiris Magna, 45 kilometers west of Alexandria. The Egyptian archaeologist says that during his conference he said that the theory that Cleopatra rests there is not his, but the Dominican Kathleen Martinez, who digs in the place. Stresses that he has never believed in that hypothesis. "The Egyptians never buried inside a temple," says Hawass, "the temples were for worship, and this was for the goddess Isis, it is therefore unlikely that Cleopatra was buried there."

He adds that it is most likely that the queen's grave is located in the Al-Selsela area, in Alexandria, under water due to the sinking of the Ptolemaic ports and palaces area over time.

In this regard it indicates that from where in any case should be expected news of the discovery of the tomb is the mission of underwater archeology that excavates near the former royal neighborhood, currently submerged. He notes that the team has found an "exciting structure" on the edge of a monumental gate that with its granite and copper and lead siding "could be part of the door to Cleopatra's tomb."

Hawass takes the opportunity to say that facing the project of a new film about Cleopatra, he does not lean towards Lady Gaga or Beyoncé; prefers Angelina Jolie.


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