April 11, 2021

'Youtubers' who teach how to kiss well, fold sheets or speak English | Technology

'Youtubers' who teach how to kiss well, fold sheets or speak English | Technology

"Would you raise the hand who has ever searched on Google 'where is the point G' or 'how to improve oral sex for my partner?". With this phrase begins one of his videos Kathy Martínez, a youtuber that tries to solve the doubts about sexuality that can arise to both young people and adults. Your channel, PlatanoMelón, was born as a vehicle to end the taboos of sexuality in society. "If 95% of adolescents are looking for information on the web, we should not leave them in the hands of pornography, since it gives a distorted vision of what reality is," he said at an event organized by Google in Madrid.

"Hip movements to be better in bed", "learn how to kiss well step by step" or "six things you should know before losing your virginity" are some of the titles of their videos. Seven out of 10 people visit YouTube to learn something new or gain more knowledge about topics that interest them. Each day more than one million learning videos are uploaded to the platform with information contrasted by experts. Like Martinez, others youtubers They try to transmit their knowledge to their followers. This is the case of Natalia Machuca and Jesús Cibantos with the channel ExpCaseros, Francisco and Carlos Monaj with YouTalkTV , David Calle with Unicoos Y Rosa Garalva.

Machuca and Cibantos opened ExpCaseros in 2012 because they liked to do experiments in their classes in the laboratory. In their videos they teach how to make watermelon juice with a hanger and a drill, they teach what happens when cutting objects such as soap or toothpaste with an extremely hot knife or what are the consequences of Mix ping pong balls with liquid nitrogen.

Although their main objective is to help children obtain good grades in science, they have achieved another very important challenge: to promote the vocation of girls in this area. When they started, most of their fans were kids. But to this day, 50% are girls between 6 and 12 years old. "We want you to never lose your curiosity and always want to know more", explained Cibantos.

The goal of the protagonists of YouTalk, an English learning channel specialized in pronunciation, fluency and comprehension, is even more ambitious. "Our mission is to save English," said Francisco Monaj. To do this, they try to teach this language to the Spanish-speaking community with a method based on how they themselves learned English as adults.

In some of their videos, they analyze for example the way of speaking English of celebrities such as Sofía Vergara, Antonio Banderas or Penélope Cruz. His most viewed video, with more than 815,000 views, is titled 3 expressions to know if you are bilingual, followed by The grammar of English in 15 minutes. Carlos Monaj has explained that his followers sometimes tell them that "they have learned more with a video than in all their years of study".

Rosa Garalva also receives "many gratifying messages" from those who watch her videos. At the beginning he recorded about crafts to share with his sisters, but one day he thought of recording himself while cleaning the kitchen. The video liked his fans so much that he decided to do more. Use very natural products because I have psoriasis: "I have learned chemistry to know what is the composition of the products and the damage they can cause to health".

Now it has 330,000 followers between 25 and 65 years old. "For example, some students who had just left the university contacted me because they did not know if a two-colored garment was wearing light or dark clothes," he said. In the style of Marie Kondo, in her most watched video she shows how to fold the sheets so that they do not wrinkle too much and occupy less space in the closet. In his channel he also teaches how to clean wine stains, a gum stuck on clothes or a computer screen.

For his part, David Calle is the teacher behind one of the largest educational channels in the world: Unicoos. In him, this teacher finalist to the "Nobel of teaching", shares tutorial videos of physics, chemistry or mathematics. YouTube videos that include in their title the terms "study with me" or "study with me"They grew 120% between 2017 and 2018, according to the company. "With the videos you can help millions of people around the world for free anytime, anywhere. They've even told me they watch my videos during exams, "he jokes.


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