June 21, 2021

Youtubers: Agents of 'influencers' to convert visits and followers into euros | Fortune

Youtubers: Agents of 'influencers' to convert visits and followers into euros | Fortune

During the past year, the big brands invested just over 35 million euros in campaigns with influencers in Spain, a figure that places the country in the top positions in Europe, just behind the United Kingdom. They are data of a recent report of the agency specialized in marketing H2H, that desgrana the magnitude of money that absorbs this market, and that will come to move this year, according to estimations of the signature, up to 100 million euros.

Behind most of these figures are the representation agencies of influencers, companies that were born relatively recently to help the stars of the platforms and social networks to monetize the contents created. YouTube and Instagram are the two networks with more pull, but Facebook, Twitter or blogs also have their audience.

"Most of influencers they have become almost by chance. This movement began almost 10 years ago, and the people who entered it did not know what was going to happen, "explains Marisa Oliver, director of the Hamelin agency. Therefore, he continues, when everything has begun to get serious, many of these profiles have chosen to resort to experts who know when to close a contract, what clauses can not be forgotten when signing a document or how to approach the most important brands . This work, remember, is more complex than it may seem. Especially because it is a market "that still not mature, and that changes a lot depending on the virtual platform, of the sector in which the influencer works or the number of followers available. " And also, because you have to know how to say no. "We have requests from many individuals, but not all are worth for this world."

As there is still nothing written, says the expert, these agencies have to make a detailed analysis of the situation of each of these figures. "There are some profiles that are very niche, that go to a very specialized audience, and that for example having a community of 5,000 followers have it done." However, he adds, other more crowded areas, such as fashion, cooking or video games, require a much larger community. "Here you would need around 50,000 users on Instagram and 100,000 on YouTube."

However, says Xavi Robles, CEO of VIZZ, Webedia's representative agency, each brand has its challenges. "Some want to sell or position a product, others work their image, others generate content … Most consider influencer who helps them, through their power of influence, to achieve those goals, "he explains. For that reason, some go to those who have millions of followers and others choose to work with very specific creators. The work of the representatives, explain the experts, besides attending to the proposals coming from the brands, is to try to seduce the companies that can interest their clients and get a contract. "There is reactive and proactive work"

But there is more. Many agencies also touch on issues legal, fiscal and legal in defense of their represented. Others like Vizz go further and offer their creators sets, cameras and technicians, as well as advice and production of merchandising. In short, "our role is to help our represented, the creators of content, can focus on precisely this, create content, and we can delegate all the work of management, contracts or negotiation," sums up Xavi Robles. Vizz, for example, has closed the APEX Legends shares with EA, the recent Burger King campaign with Willyrex, Rubius and Red Royale, the previous one with TheGrefg or the well-known Fanta ad on television.

The only requirement that the influencer, in addition to having a loyal community, recalls Marisa Oliver, is that serious and constant when creating quality content. "The stable community does not always exist and depends a little on the profile of the creator and how he manages and builds that relationship," adds Robles.

The automotive, food, fashion and videogame industries are among the most advanced in this market

With all this, says Robles, Monetize is still difficult, "And you have to work hard to achieve it. Very few people can say that they live by creating content. In fact, says Oliver, practically everyone who lives from this job has an alternative to obtain extra income, "either writing books, launching a brand or giving courses. Everyone tries to secure a future because, although the industry is doing well right now, we do not know what will happen in five or ten years, "explains Oliver.

Today, they explain, the sectors that have more weight in this market are the automotive, food, fashion, video games, movies, retailers and the tourism sector. But there are also surprises. In Hamelin they have recently closed an agreement with a instagramer mother of 10 children. It has just over 11,000 followers, but being a totally different profile, the response is still very positive.


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