May 30, 2020

YouTube warn you to stop watching videos at bedtime – La Provincia

Youtubehas entered anew feature on your platformthat allows its users to set times at their usual bedtime that are used to show them reminders to stop watchingvideos.

The ‘bedtime reminders‘, as the feature is known in English, can be configured from this Wednesday in the settings menu of the video platform ofGooglefrom your mobile appAndroidandiOS, and will reach the rest of the platforms in the coming days.

Reminders are customizable and YouTube usersthey can choose the time to sleepor if you want the notification to interrupt the video or show when it ends.

Also, as with the rest of the phone alarmsmobiles,users can cancel or postpone them,as reported by YouTube support in a statement.

YouTube’s new digital wellness feature is added to previous ones added starting in 2018 that allow its userssee how much total time they spend watching videos,Alerts to set breaks every so often, reduce notifications to just one a day that combines all of them, and turn off the sound and vibration of notifications.

Google Digital Wellbeing

Google has introduced new sleep-related features in its mobile app Digital Wellbeing, whichfirst announced on Google I / O 2018and with which it is now possible to monitor sleep habits since the last beta of the app, as well as see how much time users spend with their mobile phones in bed.

In addition, according to XDA Developers, the Digital Wellbeing beta also includes the new night notes feature, which allowsusers jot down notes quickly,as well as more information about the screen time of each app.


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