YouTube premieres in Spain Shorts, its short and vertical videos

Youtube has launched YouTube Shorts in Spain this Monday, its experience of short vertical videos - 15 to 60 seconds - for mobile, your own version of the social network format TikTok, and Spanish users will already be able to create these videos, although the service is still in beta.

Shorts is a new YouTube feature that started testing late last year in some countries like India and United States. Since then, its use has expanded to currently exceed 6,500 million daily reproductions around the world.

To Todd Sherman, YouTube Shorts Product Manager, "the short video is a new paradigm", as stated by the executive in a virtual meeting with the press attended by Europa Press.

East "new type of product and creators", As Sherman has described, it can already be used in beta in the 100 countries where YouTube is available, including Spain, starting this Monday.

Spanish users could already view Shorts content, but with the new beta they will now also be able to access the video creation functions. The beta will initially only reach an unspecified percentage of users with which the experience will be tested.

"We have not finished the process to stop considering it beta, but we are moving forward with tools such as publication editing ", said Sherman, who has acknowledged that other parts of the product" are even less mature. "

The YouTube Shorts beta interface in Spain has a horizontal carousel, which is incorporated into the design of the main application. The Shorts logo shows that it is still in beta.

YouTube Shorts can be accessed from a dedicated tab at the top of the app, and users viewing the videos can click the channel to watch. all the videos available on the platform.

The videos are vertical and of short duration, 15 seconds to a minute, and the display format is infinite automatic playback, sliding vertically to go from one content to another. Any vertical video less than a minute, uploaded or not as Shorts, will be eligible to be displayed within this experience.

The experience also has music integration, as with TikTok, so that it is identified in the videos and users can find all videos that contain a specific song.

The Shorts ecosystem is interconnected with the rest of YouTube and with YouTube Music, the music streaming platform from which the musical contents added to the videos are extracted.

The contents of Shorts will not be segmented by countries and languages ​​in the same way that it happens with the recommendations of YouTube videos, since according to Sherman "the music makes them universal ", although the company has recognized the existence of lists of subjects for certain regions.

New tools

The Shorts beta includes new tools for creating videos, with editing options such as choosing music or sound from other Shorts, as well as adding different visual filters or speed controls for video or sound, among others.

Likewise, users will be able to add text at specific moments in their video, as well as automatically add subtitles to their Short and use video clips from phone gallery and add them to camera recordings.

Regarding content regulations, YouTube Shorts will be regulated in the same way as other YouTube videos.

Since this Monday, YouTube Shorts is available in Spain in the YouTube app and on YouTube from the mobile browser, but the company is also studying the arrival of other versions of YouTube as to computers or tablets.


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