August 5, 2020

YouTube bans videos of dangerous challenges and jokes on the platform | Technology

Last January 11 the police of Layton, a city of Utah (USA), He reported an accident on his Twitter account. A 17-year-old girl had crashed her car into another car while driving blindfolded and was being recorded for publication on the network. I made the Bird Box Challenge, a challenge that has gone viral in the last weeks in the wake of Sandra Bullock's latest film. The challenge is to carry out daily tasks such as climbing stairs, crossing a street or cooking blindfolded. This and other dangerous challenges have led YouTube to tighten its content control policies. The platform will erase videos of jokes or challenges that endanger the physical or psychological health of the user, as explained by the company in the FAQ section of your web.

In recent years, numerous videos of challenges on YouTube have been made viral. Some consist of introduce the tip of a contraceptive through the nose and then take it out through the mouth, rubbing alcohol on his chest and setting himself on fire and then extinguishing it with water or sneaking up on a pedestrian to hit him unconscious. "YouTube is the home of many viral jokes and challenges, but we must make sure that the fun does not cross the line so that it is also harmful or dangerous," say its owners in the new content control policy.

YouTube will remove these publications from the platform and punish its authors with a 90-day restriction on some of the platform's functions, such as live broadcasting.

The company has included in it a specific epigraph for dangerous challenges and jokes"We have updated the external guidelines to make it clear that we prohibit challenges that present a risk of serious danger or death, and the jokes that make victims believe they are in serious physical danger or that children experience severe emotional distress." Minors are also sometimes affected by the jokes that are uploaded to YouTube. For example, to make a child believe that his parents have died.

YouTube will remove these publications from the platform and punish its authors with a 90-day restriction on some of the platform's functions, such as live broadcasting. If the policies are violated three times in that period, the account of the user who uploaded the video will be deleted. The company has given the creators two months to erase this type of content from their channels. But afterwards, any video that violates these guidelines will be deleted.

These new guidelines not only refer to videos, but affect all content. That is, to comments, thumbnails, links or live chat. For example, if the thumbnail image shows graphic violence or pornography or external links lead to content that may incite violence or hatred, the video will also be removed.A Buzzfeed report published this Tuesday denounces that the images that capture bestiality or allude to it still appear on the platform despite YouTube's commitment to eliminate that material in April of last year.

Traumatic and fatal effects

This type of videos, in addition to traumatic effects on the victim, can have harmful consequences for health. Faced with the flood of people who have made the Bird Box Challenge and have ended up hitting or suffering small accidents to go with their eyes covered, Netflix has launched a communicated on Twitter. The company has asked fans of the film to abandon the challenge: "We can not believe we have to say this, but please do not hurt yourself with the challenge of Bird Box. We do not know how it started, we appreciate the love, but Boy and Girl [en alusión a los personajes de la cinta] They only have one wish in 2019 and that is that you do not end up in the hospital because of the memes. "

Another challenge for which some users have had to go to the hospital is the Tide Pod Challenge. It consists of taking detergent capsules for clothes and sharing it on YouTube. The American Association of Poison Control Centers warned in January 2018 of an increase in poisonings from the ingestion of this product. The manufacturer of the same, Procter and Gamble, requested the help of the American football star Rob Gronkowski to lead a Public awareness campaign on social networks .

There are videos that even have deadly consequences. In 2017, Monalisa Pérez, a 19 year old woman, he killed his boyfriend by shooting him in the chest to upload a video to YouTube. Both tried to do a trick. An encyclopedia must stop the bullet. But his strategy went wrong. In her previous videos, she used innocuous jokes like putting talcum powder in a donut instead of icing sugar, spraying hot wax from a lit candle on her body or placing spicy pepper in her sandwich. But that last time, it got out of hand. The young woman was aware of the risk that her actions entailed and instants before shooting her partner, I counted it on Twitter: "Pedro and I are probably going to record one of the most dangerous videos ever seen, it was his idea, not mine."


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