May 18, 2021

Your wifi can act as an alarm, automate your home or save energy | Innovation

Your wifi can act as an alarm, automate your home or save energy | Innovation

Your wifi network can provide you much more than the internet. We already know that the wireless signal extends throughout the house so that your devices capture it without problems. But this signal can also be used to detect movements at home, which can serve to monitor the status of elderly people, save energy, automate the switching on or off of lights and appliances or prevent the entry of intruders.

This is precisely the field of activity of Aerial Technologies, a startup Canadian pioneer in this field that has received an additional capital investment of three million dollars, an operation led by Intel Capital and which has had follow-up investments from Fonds Innovexport, Kibo Ventures and Telefónica Open Innovation.

When the Wi-Fi is spread through an address, it interacts with everything that is inside: walls, people and animals. If a person moves within this detection area it will alter the signals according to what he does. It is what is called a unique profile / signature. Each person has their own. Aerial's technology detects these profiles / signatures and collects information about what they are doing and where they are doing it.

In addition, Aerial applies an automatic learning layer to this data, which allows it to automate workflows and obtain contextual information that can be applied to a wide variety of applications. Aerial explains that its software can be integrated "in a simple way" into smart objects or routers, which facilitates its installation.

"This is a disruptive and novel technology that allows detecting movement through the Wi-Fi signal", explains Guenia Gawendo, director of IInnovation Investments and Scouting of Telefónica. "It opens a horizon of enormous possibilities with key applications in the sectors of security, telecommunications, parental control, care of the elderly and the sick, as well as home automation. And all this using the wifi technology that the user possesses ".

The Spanish company also celebrates the entry of Intel Capital into the company. "This investment is a very important boost to the initial investment that Telefónica made in this technology more than a year ago, especially when we consider the important position of Intel in the WIFI and 5G chipsets market," he assured. in a press release.

Gawendo emphasizes this aspect: "Aerial presents a great potential on the strategy of added services of Telefonica in the initiative of smart wifi and we hope to develop many innovative services with them for our clients. "


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