“Your mother has provided strong evidence of your father”

Joaquin Prat has starred in a tense conversation with Dew Flowers about the conflict that their parents keep in force. While commenting on the news of Olga Moreno on the island, the family dispute ended, a topical topic after the documentary of Rocio Carrasco.

‘The summer program’ wanted to address the phrase he dedicated to it Antonio David Flores to your partner in a letter sent to ‘Survivors‘with a hint to Carrasco: “You have plenty of what others have never had,” he said, referring to the famous phrase “She doesn’t have a pussy.”

Joaquin Prat wanted to lash out at the former collaborator of Telecinco: “The phrase that Antonio David writes to his wife does not benefit him because he continues to delve into everything that your mother has defended, what has suffered from your father over 20 years”.

Rocío Flores remained sighing for a few seconds without giving an answer and the presenter wanted to support Rocío Carrasco and emphasize the importance of her statements: “Your mother has said a number of things about your fatherShe has provided evidence, in my opinion some with respect to certain very forceful things, about your father’s attitude towards her during these years and it gives me the feeling that your father continues to err that erre … “.

Hearing it, the collaborator charged again against her mother: “We cannot forget that the person who says that ‘he does not have what he does not have’ is Rocío Carrasco and not Antonio David Flores.” “As a daughter, I do not understand that phrase, I do not want to imagine how he has to understand it, as a husband … Why did he do it? To laugh at her? Well, I understand that he says’ If you are going to laugh at her, now I’m laughing, ‘”he said.


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