“Your freedom is to vote”

The PSOE already has a slogan for the 4M campaign. “Do it for Madrid” will be the slogan that will appear on marquees, banners and other posters, as well as in the spot presented by the candidate, Ángel Gabilondo, and the person in charge of the campaign, Mónica Carazo, in which a voiceover on images Routines in the region demand the vote in the face of the “shouts”, the “noise” or the “for them”. “We are going to show them that they do not represent us, that Madrid does not insult, that it is not violence or extremism, that there is neither them nor us. We all fit, ”says the ad. “I do not want a Madrid of mine against those who are not mine,” Gabilondo said in this line during the presentation in Ferraz in which he opposed Isabel Díaz Ayuso in his “communism or freedom” or “socialism or freedom” that used during the pre-campaign. “Your freedom is to vote,” said the socialist aspirant.

Gabilondo launches for the vote of the center, rejects Iglesias and refuses to raise taxes in Madrid

Gabilondo launches for the vote of the center, denies Iglesias and refuses to raise taxes in Madrid

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“You vote what you vote, vote for your convictions, for what you feel and for what you are,” said Gabilondo, who in line with the latest socialist campaigns airs fear of Vox as a mobilizing element: “It cannot be the first European region in which the extreme right rules. To do so is to stop the government of Columbus. ” “Your freedom is to go to vote; if you cannot go, vote by mail. Do it for health workers, teachers, for the Madrid of students, workers, the elderly, for our young people. Do it for Madrid, do it for yourself “. “Madrid belongs to everyone,” concluded Gabilondo, who has also alluded to governing “seriously” which has been the slogan of the campaign designed by Moncloa until now.

The PSOE is trying to profit from the moderate profile of Gabilondo – with a strategy that seeks to get part of the Citizens’ vote. “I ask you not to insult anyone, not just me,” he said in an interview on TVE’s La Hora in reference to the Madrid president: “Mrs. Ayuso has not governed Madrid well and has made her character political content ”.

“Madrid are not four streets where things are taken,” said the socialist candidate, that the presentation of the campaign has made a tour of some groups or sectors that, in his opinion, are the ones that make up the region against these “four streets”. The PSOE also wants to appeal to the vote “beyond the M-30”, as it recently reflected in a meeting with socialist mayors.

“Madrid is that 21-year-old Andalusian girl who has just got off in Atocha with her suitcases and looks at the sign of the Mediodia hotel,” Gabilondo began his speech in which he put that example as the “possibility” offered by the capital of ” meet new people have a future in a welcoming community “. From there it happened to a 92-year-old woman who lives in a corrala on Salitre street in the Lavapiés neighborhood where a shell fell during the war. “She spends the afternoon playing tute with her friends,” she said before talking about her foreign neighbor and a “60-year-old man from Zarzalejo” who runs a bar with “the best croquettes” in that town “who was staying empty but it has been years since young people began to arrive “; or the woman who has lived in Móstoles since she arrived from Romania ten years ago and works as a domestic worker to send money to her family on a monthly basis; or a pediatrician who manifested himself in the white tides against cuts or the child who, together with family and friends, cuts the street to ask for better infrastructure for his school … “We could continue like this, Madrid is me too, we are “, has finished Gabilondo, who has defined the region as an” open and progressive community. ”

“Outside there is interestingly a lot of noise. They are trying to convince us that Madrid is something that it is not. The Madrid that this right draws does not represent us,” said Carazo.


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