Your Face Sounds To Me | Cristina Ramos, in the skin of Jos Vlez in 'Tu Cara Me Suena' - The Province

Week to week 'Your face is familiar to me'go on and he already has eight galas in this edition. On this occasion, the GrancanariaCristina Ramosgot into the skin ofJosé Vélez. The most special imitation of the island artist, who also plays another singer from Gran Canaria,Ramos said she was excited to be a showgirl for Vélez.

The grancanaria interpreted 'No Please'of the Teldense artist and copied the peculiar gestures of the Canarian artist. "I liked it very much. It is one of the best imitations you have done in 'Your face sounds to me'," he saidCarlos Latre.

Belinda Washingtonwins his first gala in the eighth edition of 'Your face sounds to me'. The presenter and protagonist of 'Paquita Salas'He got the full maximum public ratings and jury of the Antena 3 talent after performing a very good imitation of'Dance Monkeys', the song with which Tones & I has been vitalized in social networks.

The '4' of the public is for Mario Vaquerizo, 5 points for Nerea Rodríguez and 6 forCristina Ramos. Rocío Madrid takes 7 points, María Isabel 8 and El Monaguillo 9. The 10 went to Gemeliers with his imitation of Cali and El Dandee. Jorge González and Gisela take the 11th. And finally, Belinda Washington achieved the twelve points.

On this occasion, the contestants will face songs that have put a soundtrack to Antena 3's programs and series at the next gala, that is, they will sing tune songs or imitate outstanding performances from some of the chain's historical formats. Cristina Ramos will perform a performance of 'Tribute to Lola Flores'.



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