April 14, 2021

Young people with intelligence limit claim their vala to work – The Province

Young people with intelligence limit claim their vala to work - The Province

The limited intelligence it is a disability that does not prevent the development of exceptional abilities. Because of the many difficulties of learning, communication or social skills that people have, they have the right to claim your worth to work and their right to be an active part of society.

In many occasions people with limit intelligence have been confused with lazy, slow or unable to face the demands of the environment like any other. But nothing further.

"Limited edition" is the campaign developed by the Capacis Foundation, non-profit organization focused on the labor integration of young people with limit intelligence, and AFTHERSHARE.TV the agency of Risto Mejide and Marc Ros.

"We wanted to seek the empathy of companies and society, not only speaking without taboos of disability, but also showing it through students with a point of protest and pride We want to eliminate the fears of entrepreneurs and convince them that counting on our students is a privilege for their companies, "said Fatima de Dolarea and Silvia Sombría, founders of Capacis.

The concept "Limited Edition" escapes the assertion that this type of people can effectively perform a job despite its limitations, so recurrent in this type of campaign. What is desired is to highlight their differentiation without concessionary objections, highlighting that they are very valid people and professionals on their own merits and, therefore, capable of developing exceptional capacities that make them outstanding professionals.


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