Young people who pay exorbitant rents will not be able to access Sánchez’s housing voucher

The Government wants to avoid at all costs that the 250-euro bond to pay the rent that it is preparing collapses due to the avalanche of applications, as happened to the housing check that Zapatero approved a little more than a decade ago. For this, the Executive will limit the scope of the aid. Not only will young people with certain income levels be left out, but also those who pay an exorbitant amount of rent per month.

Thus, the plans of the
They go through excluding tenants who assume prohibitive prices from the bond. According to sources from the Ministry of Transport confirm to this newspaper, the aid will include a price limit from which it cannot be requested.

This measure is to avoid benefiting young people who do not really need the aid, even if they have an income of less than 23,725 euros per year, the limit announced by the Government. «It is evident that a person who pays a rent of 3,000 or 4,000 euros does not need support, although in principle it does not have a very high salary. In these cases they are usually tenants who have family help.

In other words, to obtain the 250-euro-per-month housing voucher, it will not only be necessary to have a low income, but also to prove that a certain rent is being paid. Where will the limit be? Executive sources assure that it has not yet been defined, although they defend that this could be in a range close to one thousand euros. At first, the Government will set a certain range and will be the autonomous communitiess – who will be in charge of managing the funds and the aid – which will establish the definitive ceilings.

Transport is aware that 250 euros does not spread the same to pay the rent in Madrid than in Extremadura. That is why it will discriminate aid by communities and will also limit it to the downside. Thus, the voucher may not exceed the monthly rent in any case, something that, although rare, can occur in certain areas in the interior of Spain. If the rent is 200 euros, the aid may not exceed 200 euros.

Similarly, although several young people who share a flat may request the voucher at the same time, if the sum of these incentives exceeds the rent they pay monthly, the support will also be limited.

The key in the whole process will be the contract that the tenant presents. Because you will have to present a contract to access the incentives. A requirement with which the Executive intends to prevent landlords from taking advantage of the subsidy and making prices even more expensive. «The owners will not know if the young person to whom they rent the house has the
250 euro voucher
or not “, they explain from Transport. Of course, if the contract is extended under the same conditions, the aid can also be maintained.

Although at first the President of the Government sold the incentive as an aid to emancipate themselves, from the department directed by Raquel Sánchez they point out that it is actually a support to pay the rent of young people who already have a contract in force.

Tight deadlines

The intention of the Executive is that the aid is effective on January 1. To do this, it will have to approve a decree -in principle it will go to the Council of Ministers during the month of December- and, after that, transfer the funds to the autonomous communities, which will be the ones that will delimit aid. If it does not reach January, the bond will have, in principle, retroactive effect.

The Government has reserved an item of 200 million euros in the Budgets to cover this aid, which can be enjoyed for a maximum of two years. The incentive will be aimed at young people between 18 and 35 years old and, according to Transportes calculations, it will benefit a total of 70,000 young people, far from the more than 350,000 citizens who, according to INE calculations, could meet the initial requirements.


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