August 5, 2020

Young people, study

Access to education has undergone several social, cultural and economic changes in recent years, and this translates into problems that lead young people to abandon their studies at an early age. School failure means a significant loss of opportunities to increase the educational level. However, it should be remembered what this early abandonment rate means in concrete terms. This is the percentage of people between 18 and 24 who have not completed secondary education in 2nd stage and do not follow any type of study or training in the last four weeks. According to the National Statistics Institute, women are the least likely to drop out. In 2018, the percentage of women was 14% in Spain and 8.9% in Europe, compared to 21% of men in our country and 12.2% in Europe. If we compare these data with other EU countries, Spain is among the countries with the worst results in these terms together with Malta and Italy. However, according to data provided by Professor Ismael Sanz, taken from the National Institute of Educational Evaluation, in 2019 the results have obtained a recent improvement.

Compared to 2014, the percentage of young people with completed upper secondary education has been exceeded by 7.9 percentage points. This is an important achievement for Spanish education, a positive evolution that, in order to be maintained over time, requires an increase in enrollment in FP Media, which in recent years has had a sudden decline. If access to this professional training is not recovered, the number of graduates will also decrease. Basque Country (81.7%) Madrid (75.6%), Asturias and Navarra (74.7%), are the Communities with the most teenagers with completed Baccalaureate studies and Training Cycles. Although Madrid is the one that has improved the most with an increase of 11.5 points since 2014. The fact that young Spaniards finish their second stage high school studies is positive, because thanks to these teachings they increase their proficiency, both for further training as for employment. They even get a higher level of salaries compared to those who only reach ESO.

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