June 2, 2020

Young people ask to be part of the climate summit agreements

If this COP25 is going to go down in history as of today it is because it is the last one before the Paris Agreement enters into force and the first one in which the protagonists are young people. In fact, it seems no coincidence that the first official act of the Spain Pavilion was inaugurated by the new generations. "We understood that it was important for young people to move from the streets to the point where decisions are made," said Hugo Morán, Secretary of State for the Environment, during the meeting he held with several minors in the act on "climate ambition and intergenerational justice. ».

"It is the young people who are going to be responsible for this planet," he told the secretary of state, although Álvaro Alfaro, one of the representatives of the Chilean youth, clarified during his turn: "This crisis affects all generations. In fact, younger children and the elderly suffer the most during episodes such as heat waves. Intergenerational dialogue is fundamental ».

For them environmental problems are not a fad, but pure survival. In addition to "a unique situation of transforming the crisis into opportunity," said Alejandro Quecedo, spokesman for the SEO / Bird Life Youth Board and official representative of Spain's last UN general summit in New York. That is why they claimed yesterday from several forums their own space in the negotiations and that they be allowed to vote, in addition to giving them a voice and applauding them. «We don't just want to be present; we want to participate in the decisions, ”said the young Chilean.

Not one less species

It is true that young people have more and more prominence for the UN. A year ago, “in Katowice the work plan was agreed with them and they are also present in national emission reduction strategies, such as in Chile,” recalled Adriana Valenzuela, focal point for the Climate Empowerment Action of the Convention United Nations Framework on Climate Change. And last weekend, during the Youth Conference, they presented their demands to the UN Secretary General, Antonio Guterres. They speak of mitigation, adaptation and, above all, of reducing greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions.

«We do not want one more degree or one less species. The ecological crisis is not only warming, but also biodiversity and refugees. In addition, it is everyone's responsibility. This is the great challenge of our generation, but also the greatest opportunity, ”said Quecedo, who recalled that now the fundamental step and which must be emphasized is that“ we not only have to take care of the environment in our private life , but we must make the leap to public claims. As a civil society we have the obligation to be behind our governments to ensure that the crisis is in the foreground all the time.

The fight against climate change is not fought only in negotiations and on the streets, it is also fought on the internet. José Luis Crespo is a youtuber and famous on his own about science and physics Quantum Fracture explained that «the battle against denialism is being fought on social networks. We need people to understand the crisis well and the best way to deal with false arguments is with science ».

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