March 3, 2021

Young Mexican fulfills her dream of going to NASA

Months after almost losing his life, Andrea González fulfilled her dream of going to the United States National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA) and demonstrating that Mexican women are capable of large-scale scientific projects.

González tells Efe that since he was a child he dreamed of being an astronaut and being at NASA, a wish he fulfilled in the last months of 2019 when he was chosen by the Mexican Space Agency for The International Air and Space Program.

“It meant something very big, first to be able to represent my university, Mexican women and a dream come true because since I was a little girl I love NASA, space, I wanted to study aerospace engineering because I thought that way I could get there sooner “she said, wrapped in the special suit she used in that place.

With 19 years of age, Andrea studies nanotechnology engineering at the University of Guadalajara (western Mexico) because her parents could not finance the career she wanted.

In March of last year the young woman was about to lose her life due to a thrombosis in one of her legs for which she had to undergo a delicate emergency surgery that had her in bed for a few weeks.

Months later, and thanks to a schoolmate, he learned about the call for the program, Andrea completed a series of very strict tests and requirements by NASA and was accepted for a training stay.

NASA opened its doors for the first time to receive Andrea and a group of young people at its facilities in Huntsville, Alabama (USA), where they conducted zero gravity tests, simulations of missions to Mars and were also challenged to create a material that could be used in the bases that the space agency intends to open on the Moon.

“The astronauts use gold in their helmets and we proposed to exchange them for others of synthetic quartz crystals because it is the hardest crystal on the planet, that would protect them from cosmic dusts and stones and could use them in the lunar bases that they plan to build on Luna is also cheap to build, “he explained.

Although the project of the team on which Andrea worked was not a winner, the young woman said she will seek to be accepted again in this year’s program to generate a project that this time wins first place and can be tested at the International Space Station.

“I would love to go back to the program again to win the first place so as not to keep that little thorn and know that if I can, I will achieve it,” he concluded.


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