Young man killed in incidents in Bolivia is fired with clamor for justice

Relatives and friends of the young Bolivian Limbert Guzmán, who died in Bolivia in riots after the recent elections, gave him the last goodbye on Friday amidst requests for justice for his death.

The white coffin of Limbert Guzmán arrived in a funeral car to the General Cemetery of the central city of Cochabamba and then people close to the young man, who was 20 years old, carried him on his shoulders to the sector where he was buried.

A group of people stationed at the entrance of the cemetery began shouting slogans against the civic leader Luis Fernando Camacho and former president Carlos Mesa, both opponents, to whom the Government of Evo Morales is responsible for the death of the young man.

Other attendees asked them to calm down in order to carry out the burial ceremony.

Above the coffin was still the "Promo 2019" sign, alluding to Limbert expecting to finish high school this year.

There was no shortage of classmates, who carried flowers and banners with farewell messages.

After a ceremony officiated by a priest, the coffin was placed in a niche, amid the cries of those close to the young man and demands that justice be done.

Limbert Guzmán is the third fatality during the crisis that is going through Bolivia after the elections of October 20, with clashes between those who defend the victory of Morales and his detractors who denounce electoral fraud.

Government and opposition have crossed accusations for the death of the young man and for the violence recorded in the country in recent weeks.

The followers of the president defend his victory in the elections for a fourth consecutive term, while his detractors denounce that there was electoral fraud, ask the president to resign and demand new elections.

The Cochabamba region recorded serious clashes on Wednesday that left almost a hundred injured, in addition to the death of Limbert Guzmán.

The first two deaths, two men who were shot, took place on October 30 in the eastern city of Montero, in clashes between supporters and detractors of Evo Morales.

In addition to the three deaths, the riots have left some 383 injured and 221 detained, being Wednesday the most violent day since the conflict broke out, according to data released by the Bolivian Ombudsman.

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