Thu. Apr 18th, 2019

Young Europeans unite against populisms and nationalisms

Jóvenes europeos se unen frente a populismos y nacionalismos

A few months before the European elections, young people from fourteen liberal, social democratic and conservative parties they have mobilized around the project AND IT IS (Young European Survey) to combat the rise of populisms and nationalisms in the old continent. An association that has just launched a warning call for the situation of paralysis of the European Union and ask "all young Europeans" to come en masse to the polls in May and take "the reins of their future and build the Europe of tomorrow".

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They are part of the Yes project, t
Raising the traditional ideological affiliations, the youths of Citizens, those of En Marche! (Jeunes avec Macron), Italian FuturDem and Jong LVD Belgian, as well as youth organizations of parties from Austria, Slovakia, Holland, Hungary and Romania. This association has made a m

acro survey more than 20,000
young Europeans demonstrating a majority support for the idea of ​​Europe that dismantles some of the populist messages. Thus, 82% of the young people said they felt European citizens and 73% intend to vote in the elections scheduled for May 26.

In a letter these proud representatives of the "Erasmus generation" they point to Europe as a "Reality that must be conquered again and that faces great challenges" with the emergence of nationalist and populist forces, whose messages and actions undermine the essence of the European project. "Europe is only young when it is big and open to the future. The young British were the first to oppose Brexit and young Europeans will remain the first to defend Europe"They say.

Disenchantment and New Green Deal

They admit, however, certain disenchantment with the pace of the construction of the EU in recent years. "For European youth, Europe today is an unfulfilled promise, the source of intense hopes, but also frustrations." They speak, concretely, of "absence of Europe" when it comes to forging their future.

And in this regard they ask themselves: "Where is Europe when we must commit ourselves to the ecological transition, which is crucial for our future? ¿Where is Europe when we must promote the digital economy in the face of Asian or American competition? Or when should we ensure access to the Erasmus program? "

Faced with this paralysis, YES demands a "New Green Deal" European Union, consisting in promoting a progressive and efficient investment in renewable energies, to fight against global warming, the "biggest challenge" that Europe has with galloping populism. They demand, in this sense, a set of policies that "are implemented at the local level to support the ecological transition, with special attention to the improvement of the quality of air, water, soil and food".

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