July 29, 2021

Young and with income above the average, this is the profile of Twitter users in Spain | Technology

Young and with income above the average, this is the profile of Twitter users in Spain | Technology

Young, with higher education and a level of income above the average. This is the profile of the most active users of Twitter in Spain, according to a study presented on Wednesday by the social network and that analyzes the characteristics of its Internet users. In addition, they like to comment, be aware of the last few hours before they are published on other platforms and have the ability to share the contents they consider interesting.

The report, carried out in collaboration with Kantar Media, analyzes the behavior of 1,500 people who regularly browse the Internet, in contrast to the way that 778 active Twitter users act. That is, they enter at least once a day in the social network.

According to the conclusions of the study, one of every three active users of Twitter is between 25 and 34 years old, which represents 34% of the total, six percentage points more than the weight that this same group has in the group of Internet users. The second strip of tweeters with more presence is that of people from 35 to 44 years, which account for 28% of the total, two points more than the result obtained by this group in the global Internet users. However, if we place the focus among those who are over 45 years old, the relationship is reversed, since as the age advances, Spaniards are more used to surfing the web than on Twitter.

Of the active users of Twitter, as the study continues, closed in December 2017, two out of five have higher education. And also 40% of the habitual of this social network has a level of income higher than the average.


Another aspect that remains under the analysis are the motivations that users follow to enter Twitter. Thus, seven out of 10 of the tweeters very active, they value how fast the news is spread in this social network, something that has also recently shown that it has a hidden face, by favoring the spread of false news and not contrasted. The text also highlights the value that Internet users give to the potential of Twitter to follow the development of a story in real time and see different points of view about the same event. "When something happens in the world, it happens first on Twitter," they point out from the company's subsidiary in Spain, which also places value on the coexistence between the news and the conversation about them.

On the other hand, the presentation of the study has taken place just when the first year is completed since the platform decided double the message limit to 240 characters, a measure that, as they have also revealed this Wednesday, has not caused longer publications to be written, since the average is 35 characters.

In Spain, the social network run by Jack Dorsey counted at the end of 2017 with 4.9 million active users, 8.8% more than in the previous year. This figure, however, corresponds to the still photo taken before the user cleaning and false accounts that Twitter has carried out in recent months to lower the confrontation and hatred that are recorded on the platform. Facebook, meanwhile, has about 23 million active Internet users and Instagram, 13 million.

Coinciding with this cleansing of false profiles, Twitter improved its revenues in the third quarter of the year with a 29% increase to 758 million dollars. This advance contrasts with the decrease in the user base, a magnitude that in the past was seen as key to measure the evolution of this type of companies, but which, in parallel to the scandal of the fake news has gone into the background, while companies insist on emphasizing that the quality of conversation and interactions increases. Jack Dorsey's social network managed to record its first benefits in the last months of 2017.


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