February 28, 2021

You will not publish impure tweets and you will respect the author's rights | Society

You will not publish impure tweets and you will respect the author's rights | Society

The "commandments" of the Anglican Church of England for social networks are nine, but are summarized in two: "Treat others as you would like to be treated, and assume the best of your neighbor." The Archbishopric of Canterbury, spiritual leader of the Anglican Communion, has published a guide for the proper use of Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. These are recommendations addressed specifically to users who participate in the social channels of the Church of England, but designed "based on universal principles" which can be adopted by believers and laity.

"When people put something into social media, they usually forget two things: they're making it public and they're talking about other people … Would you write that about someone you care about and whose humanity you respect?" The archbishop explained. from Canterbury, Justin Welby, in a live interview on Facebook while the guidelines were made public.

Most of them respond to common sense or to the limits that the law of any democracy imposes on the exercise of freedom of expression, but they have the virtue of remembering obvious things that are often ignored, and of recognizing that social networks are a reality that It has changed the way people live or relate, and an opportunity that the apostolate can not miss, due to its "immediacy, interactivity, and continuous dialogue".

These are, in summary, the nine principles:


"The safety of children, young people and vulnerable adults must be protected."


"Do not publish or share sexually explicit, inflammatory, hate-propagating, abusive, threatening or disrespectful content."


"Treat others as you would like to be treated, and assume the best in each person If you want to criticize something, think not only if you would do it in person, but what tone you would use."


"Do not confuse others about who you really are."


"You are responsible for what you do and what you write, the texts and images published are public and remain in time, even though there are privacy adjustments, if you are not sure, do not publish it."

A good ambassador

"Your personal and professional life can easily become confusing, so think about what you are going to publish."

Disagreeable disagreement

"Some conversations may contain strong disagreements, it is important to apply our principles and values ​​when expressing ourselves."

Recognize the merit of others

"Recognize the work of others Respect copyrights and attribute the merit when it is due Be careful in publishing sensitive or confidential information and always ask the source of any content that you amplify with your response."

Compliance with standards

"It complies with the terms and conditions of the social platforms If you see a comment that you believe violates these rules, inform those responsible for the platform."

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