'You', the toxic drama that is an obsession | TV

Boy falls in love with girl. Chico starts to investigate his social networks to know her better. Since he only sees what we know today as posture, boy decides to look for his house and spy it from the street until he knows her so much that the girl is taken by him instantly. You, Netflix's latest marathon drugIt's not the typical Hollywood love story. As that primal reggaeton would say: it's not love, what you feel is called obsession. And this obsession is perfect for the Me Too era.

Some were quick to describe the new series Lifetime American channel as a weekend desktop drama, which produces this expert string stories based on real events and romantic tales and then sell at a bargain price in international chains such as Telecinco o Antenna 3. Although in part they are right, the comparison should not be an insult in itself. In fact, it is not usual to find a series without that bit of soap opera, forced drama. The difference is in how it is counted and developed

You, created by Greg Berlanti (omnipresent producer of almost twenty series in broadcast, among which are Riverdale, Blindspot, Sabrina, Supergirl Y Titans), presents crazy turns hanging from disbelief, exaggerated plots and some topical character. Although, unlike most of these telefilms, he exudes a sense of humor that makes him aware of his structure and of that annoying, but playful, voice in off that brings us back to Dexter. The series based on the book by Caroline Kepnes has, in addition, a careful photography and invites to reflect on necessary issues in 2019. Not only about the macho attitude of the protagonist (Penn Badgley, Gossip Girl, Margin Call), reflected in the Me Too movement bordering on the obvious, but also around the routine use we make of social networks and our communication, which brings out the pinch of stalkers that we all carry inside.

Why You She is the daughter of her time. Unfortunately, it is easy to feel identified in the way of linking through WhatsApp and investigate through Facebook and Instagram someone you are attracted to. Luckily, what we do most does not go any further. Luckily, our life is not enough for a series either. Not even for a 20 minute chapter.

It is the spectator who must work to not justify it, to know that the relationship that the protagonist seeks is not romantic or normal. Something that becomes simpler as the series progresses and brings the character closer to a sociopath more like Dexter, even charismatic, than Cyrano de Bergerac. What gives her time to explore real issues such as how far to lead the love, how harmful some relationships can be (not only as a couple) and the role of a class struggle that brings her dangerously close to Gossip Girl. Among, yes, enough madness, blood and mysteries full of salseos and uyuyuyuyuys. In the jargon extended today, You It is a series about everything that we now define as toxic.


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