"You should ask your lawyers"

"You should ask your lawyers"

"Regarding the civil agreement between the parties, their lawyers should be asked why they saw fit to include that confidentiality clause, since, as has been pointed out, both the case and the conviction were already public." For the third time in three years, Opus Dei has been forced to issue a statement to explain its relationship in the Cociña case for which this priest of the Work was canonically convicted – not by the ordinary Justice – for abuses.

Opus Dei apologizes for the first time in history for the sexual abuse of one of its priests

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On this occasion, after the exclusive of elDiario.es revealing the silence clause that the priest – who lived with the founder of the organization José María Escrivá de Balaguer – forced his victim to sign so that she could collect an amount (17,000 euros ) which he called "financial aid", the Opus Press Office in Spain has come forward to affirm that, for its part, "no silence or confidentiality clause" was established.

The Obra's statement refers to two other published notes: the first on April 10, 2019, in which it confirmed (after refusing to answer questions from this newspaper) the information on the investigation against Cociña: In the second, on July 16, 2020, confirmed the news, also advanced by this means, of the conviction of the priest, while asking the victims for forgiveness

"As indicated in the second statement, the delegate of the Prelature in this procedure maintained close contact with the complainant throughout the process and tried to attend to him as closely as possible," said the statement on Tuesday, in which reiterates that, "in these cases, what must prevail is always to arrive at the truth of the facts and the healing of the victims." As in the previous notes, the Work avoids talking about sexual abuse or crime.

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