You managed to turn your body into a giant

You managed to turn your body into a giant

Ángel Cruz, the father of the boy Gabriel Cruz, today assured representatives of collectives that helped to look for him after his disappearance that made "Gabriel's body become a giant, which there was no way to hide, impossible to change of site and hide ".

"Thanks to you, we know where our son is, who did it and what he is going to pay for it, I mean we are a little better, we have taken a step forward and returned to our jobs and all that is thanks to you", said Cruz in the recognition of about seventy collectives and entities, as well as individuals who participated in the search device.

It has been in Campohernoso, in Níjar (Almería), as part of the acts of the Local Police boss of this municipality, when the father of the boy, whose ex-partner allegedly murdered the boy, has thanked him and his mother, Patricia Ramírez, the work carried out for thirteen days in the vicinity of the Nijar town of Las Hortichuelas Bajas.

"I was there, you were looking for Gabriel as if he were your own son, there were no days off or vacations, only the goal that had also become the most important for you to find him," he said, revealing that when he was asked to come to this Act said yes because it was "important" to do this thanks.

He has maintained that these people gave "a lot of strength" to both of them knowing that there were so many people "working so much and so well".

Gabriel's father has apologized for the absence of Patricia, "who is not well", but has read a letter sent by her to all recognized. A letter attached in the back to a picture of a "little fish" with the signature of both parents handed to each honoree next to a piece of ceramic Níjar, the latter on behalf of the City Council.

After making special thanks to nine local police officers, the municipalities of Almería and Níjar and the Provincial Council, Cruz has read the letter from the mother of the child, who praises the "disinterest," "delivery" and the "values ​​that They shone "in the province during days of endless tracking despite continuous rains, which gave a" remarkable example to Spanish society. "


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