May 25, 2020

"You have to go to Mars before it's too late," says an astronomer

“Our planet is in danger of suffering several cosmic catastrophes and phenomena that could appear unexpectedly on its surface. It would be better if humanity, little by little, begins to think about settling in other celestial bodies of the solar system and perhaps later moving further. ” This is what Weronika Sliwa thinks, Polish scientist of the Planetarium of the Copernicus Scientific Center in Warsaw in an interview for the Polish agency Polish Press (PAP).

According to the astronomer, our planet faces catastrophes the size of asteroid impacts, gamma-ray bursts and solar storms. "It's not good that humans only live on one planet," Sliwa explains, using the simile "there is a saying that says you don't put all your eggs in a basket." The Earth seems to be, according to her, in danger by several catastrophes that could appear on its surface. It recognizes, however, that the economic cost is exorbitant because “it will cost more than any government would be willing to spend,” but it is convinced that the current technological means would allow us to go to another planet without problems. According to Sliwa, Mars is the closest thing to Earth, although the personal cost is evident since the success of the mission is not assured and the crew could die. Even with those he says that "it would be better if humanity slowly begins to live in other bodies of the Solar System, and perhaps later, further away."

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