March 4, 2021

"You have to go back to the starting point and explore other roads"

The president of the acting Government, Pedro Sánchez, who has failed on Thursday in his efforts to be invested as head of the Executive, has assured that he does not throw in the towel and that "we have to go back to the starting point and explore other roads", and for that he will call the leaders of both Podemos and the PP and Citizens, so that "together" they contribute to unlock the situation.

In an interview in Telecinco, collected by Europa Press, Sanchez said that the leader of Podemos, Pablo Iglesias, "has made a tremendous mistake" by not accepting the coalition government's proposal that the Socialists raised and that "it is beginning to be aware of the mistake he has made and the dead end he has taken to his organization. "

The socialist leader, who had already warned United We that the coalition government's offer expired on Thursday with the investiture vote, has avoided focusing on Podemos and has again placed the responsibility of unlocking the situation in the four major parties.

"For that agreement – the one that citizens believe they want – we have to explore different ways. We have explored one, it is true that it has reached a dead end, but it does not mean that it is the end of the trip, that we are doomed an electoral repetition, we must return to the starting point and explore other paths, "he said.

And, immediately afterwards, he has invited Podemos, Citizens and PP to reflect, "set aside as soon as possible the partisan interests" and "among all" to contribute as soon as possible to Spain having a government. As he said, he feels "frustrated in the personal sphere" and disappointed because it is "the second time" that Iglesias prevents him from forming a government, but that in the political sphere he cannot afford frustration. He has also said he understands the weariness of the citizens, so he has assured that he will work to form a government "as soon as possible".

However, he believes that the other three major parties also have a responsibility to "find other ways", and he has wondered what they intend not to support the formation of a government, if they want to go to elections. He has asked Casado and Rivera what alternative they offer and he has told them that, while they say "constitutionalists who want to contribute to stability" what they are doing is "destabilizing the State" by not allowing it to get under way government. In fact, he believes that "a great paradox" has been experienced today in Congress.


De Ciudadanos, has opined that the party is "suffering an existential crisis of what its political project has represented", in centrist principle and now only "with the right turn signal". And he has acknowledged that his relationship with Rivera is "nonexistent" because he does not want to meet him when he calls.

As for the offer of state pacts that this Thursday Pablo Casado reminded him of, he has said that he is willing to study them and reach agreements, but once the government is constituted. "I do not ask you to applaud and support me, but to facilitate the Government, he insisted.


Sanchez says he has received "in disbelief" the last-minute offer that Iglesias has made to him from the tribune of Congress. In his opinion, the positions of Podemos show that Iglesias valued "very seriously having a parallel government within the Government" and that is something that neither Spain nor he as president can afford, because the Government has to be "cohesive" and not have within another government that is "permanently recriminating you."

Although he has said he does not know his reasons, he has told Iglesias that "part of an error of principle", because to repeal the labor reform or the SMI we do not need ministers of Podemos, because the Government is a collegiate body and decisions are made in a co-responsible manner.

"In a coalition government they would not be ministers of Podemos or the PSOE, but of the Government of Spain," he summarized. Thus, he insisted that PSOE's offer to Podemos was "respectful and generous," but he acknowledged that "it has not worked." In his opinion, what has been experienced in Congress has been "a great paradox."

Thus, he has expressed "confidence" that the four major parties can put the "general interest" and unlock. As he said, he wants to make a government that does not depend on the independentistas that "will require understanding with Podemos in policies" where both parties can coincide but also that PP and Citizens "do their part."

Finally, asked if he would count with the former mayor of Madrid Manuela Carmena as minister for his government, he said that he has never talked to her but that he "meets the right profile" to be in the government, so he does not rule it out, as Nor has he ever ruled out having "independents of recognized prestige."

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